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Stay safe with Stay Safe, Fanshawe


Campus Security Services released the Stay Safe Fanshawe app on Monday to facilitate safety measures.

Francis Siebert | Interrobang | News | September 22nd, 2014

Quick – What’s Fanshawe’s Emergency Line number?

It’s 519-452-4242. But you won’t have to remember it.

Fanshawe’s Campus Security Services released a mobile phone app on Monday called Stay Safe Fanshawe.

The app features a Twitter feed of safety-related news concerning Fanshawe, on- and off-campus emergency contact numbers and interactive and PDF maps of campus.

The app also features a Personal Safety Toolbox that includes a flashlight app, an alarm, a feature that sends an “I’m OK!” message in case of emergency, as well as features to report suspicious activities on campus.

“If there is a building collapse on campus, [the ‘I’m OK!’ feature is] a message you can send out to a loved one and say that there’s an incident that’s occurred at Fanshawe College, but I’m alright,” said Special Const. Brent Arseneault.

It also includes numbers for the Safe Walk and Work Alone services.

Safe Walk is a Student Auxiliary service that escorts students, faculty and staff to anywhere on campus 24/7.

Work Alone is a Campus Security Services service that students, faculty and staff can use when they’re working alone after-hours. People who want to use the service can call Campus Security Services and have someone check on them periodically.

Other features include London Transit Commission routes, schedules and Interactive CityMap, taxi phone numbers, and resources, such as Women’s Safety Awareness, Safety Tips and Emergency Guidelines.

“There was a bit of a void,” Arseneault said. “Today’s technology and today’s student – it’s at their fingertips or so to speak. So we designed with the intent that that’s the best way to communicate with our demographic.”

The app was created after Campus Security Services learned about such services already existing at other campuses during a conference. It was developed by AppArmor.

The app is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

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