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Project LEARN returns for 2019
There will be more London Police in neighbourhoods nearby Fanshawe College and Western University and in Downtown London. Read more

Fanshawe-related LTC bus routes to change
The London Transit Commission (LTC) is changing 41 bus routes as part of the 2019 Service Plan, according to their website. Read more

Western University discusses plan of action for unsanctioned street parties
Western University and its University Students' Council (USC) plan to counteract unsanctioned street parties like Fake Homecoming, with university representatives meeting with other post-secondary schools like Fanshawe College. Read more

Western publishes first queer arts magazine
A new publication at Western University is creating space and connections for London's queer post-secondary community. Read more

Southwestern Ontario ranks second in registered organ donation
A recent study found that southwestern Ontario is the second highest area in Ontario for registered organ donation, following northern Ontario. Read more

Western University to begin offering pass/fail credit option in the fall
Come September, students at Western University will be able to take up to 1.0 pass/fail courses as part of their degree, according to the Western Gazette. Read more


Manitoba wins women's hockey championship
Despite the firmly purple partisan Thompson Arena crowd, the Manitoba Bisons were able to defeat the Western Mustangs 2-0 to win the U Sports (national) women's hockey championship. Read more

CAISA fashion show Innova breaks own fundraising record
A buzz filled Centennial Hall Friday night as 1,300 audience members waited in anticipation for models to take the stage - treating everyone to a show no one will soon forget. Read more

High school to post-secondary: The stereotypes live on
I am definitely not the first person to notice that there is a stigma around college-level courses. Many believe that taking university-level courses means that you are more intelligent than those in college-level courses. Read more

An unmentionable crisis: Suicide on campus
On Feb. 7, the Western Gazette reported that students at Western University voted overwhelmingly in support of prioritizing mental health over other on-campus concerns moving into the future. Read more

Western music students receive free accommodation in retirement home in exchange for performances
A brand new facility has opened in London that allows Western University music students to receive free accommodations in exchange for musical performances. Read more

Hard work pays off: Western student awarded top honour with Rhodes Scholarship
Western University student Levi Hord has been awarded a prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University in the U.K. for two years. Read more

The University Of Western Ontario's fake homecoming draws huge crowd, but high cost for the City of London
Last year, the University of Western Ontario announced it would change the date of the actual homecoming celebrations as a strategic decision to curb immense amounts of partying. Read more

Extra reading week a possibility for Fanshawe in the future
In light of Western University adding an extra reading week in the fall for their students, there may be good news ahead for Fanshawe students as well. Read more

Film festival taps into power of smartphones
The Western Smartphone Film Festival is gearing up for their screening of student-shot short films on Feb. 4. The festival, now in its second year, sets itself apart by its content: every film is shot entirely with a phone camera. Read more

Colleges and universities team up to bring the best of the education worlds
The time of polarization between university and college is ending or at least becoming less noticeable in certain fields. Read more


Western students launch "Food Rescue" program
As a new initiative, Western University students have launched a food rescue program in London. The program called reHarvest, is to get unused food onto the tables of those in need. Read more

Theatre Western hosts Twelve Angry Men
As one political story closes, another begins. Theatre Western's production of Twelve Angry Men is nearly ready for audiences, running from Nov. 16 to 19 at the Mustang Lounge. Read more

Message advocating sexual violence causes grief among the London student community
A message that was advocating sexual violence was found scrawled across an off-campus student neighbourhood window near Western University. Read more

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