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Interrobang articles on the topic of Indigenous

How the Canadian healthcare system is prioritizing for the vaccine rollout
After being in a pandemic for over a year, the seriousness of this virus has become evident and a daily worry in everyone's lives. However, those who are more susceptible to the virus and live in vulnerable communities are most at risk for the consequences of COVID-19. Read this article

Getting to know local Indigenous artists
Holly Pichette and Kelly Greene: two incredible artists whose work is rooted in their experiences as Indigenous women working hard to share their craft throughout Canada. Read this article

Western's Indigenized astronomy course uses science as a gateway to Indigenous culture
Western is home to one of Canada's only Indigenized astronomy courses, balancing traditional Indigenous and Eurocentric approaches to science. Read this article
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Canada continues to fail First Nations people
The way the First Nations people of Canada have been treated will forever be a stain on Canada's history. Read this article

New Indigenous program coming to Fanshawe's The X
Our Stories, a new Indigenous focused show, will soon be debuting on Fanshawe's student radio station. Read this article

LHSC announces new Indigenous Healing Space
The London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) has partnered with Atlohsa Family Healing Services to open a new Indigenous Healing Space at Victoria Hospital.  Read this article

Interrobang Podcast: Sierra Jamieson, second year Fanshawe Police Foundations student
Sierra Jamieson is an optimistic young Indigenous woman about to enter her second year of police foundations at Fanshawe. Interrobang editor Angela McInnes spoke to Jamieson about her career ambition, and why she wants to overcome the obstacles surrounding it. Read this article

Interrobang podcast: Joel Abram
In Canada, a spotlight has been shone on racism against Indigenous First Nations people from the country's own police force. Grand Chief Joel Abram spoke with Interrobang about why now is the time for Canadians to acknowledge their country's own history of racism. Read this article

We will fight back
Canada has always prided itself in its image as being warm and welcoming to diversity. But I wonder, how can we welcome different cultures when we can't even recognize the first peoples of the land? Read this article

Annual Pow Wow returns to Fanshawe
Fanshawe College;s First Nations Centre and The Institute of Indigenous Learning will host their annual Pow Wow. Read this article

Londoners protest in solidarity in Wet'suwet'en
On Feb. 28, Idle No More-London, Red Warriors, and Climate Justice London held an emergency protest in solidarity with Tyendinaga and Wet'suwet'en. Read this article

Missing and murdered indigenous women and girls: what Fanshawe students should know
A tragic storyline that has been suppressed for too long has been finally spreading awareness among Canadians. Read this article

Atlohsa bridging gaps found in London’s homelessness crisis
When there were less crash beds available in London, Atlohsa's Family Healing Services brought in a resting space. Read this article

Sonya Cywink's love of writing and family remembered during Shades of Our Sisters
The Fanshawe College community got to know Sonya Cywink through her writing, artifacts from her life, and a short video documentary. Read this article

Shades of Our Sisters Installation honours life of Sonya Cywink
Fanshawe College will honour the lives of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, transgender, and Two-Spirit Peoples (MMIWGT2S). Read this article

You are what you wear?
Costume festivities were first introduced in various parts of Europe. This practice has been popularized to include fictional characters, celebrities, and other fantasy characters. Some mass-produced costumes are pop culture references that represent ethnic cultures. Read this article

Indigenous peoples in Canada
According to the Government of Canada website, in 2016 there were 1.67 million people who identified as an Indigenous person and this group has the fastest growing and youngest population in Canada. Read this article

"We are Indigenous": Fanshawe First Nations Centre launches new podcast
Fanshawe's First Nations Centre has launched a new podcast series. Read this article

"Our world is falling apart": Local protesters march against pipeline, RCMP
A demonstration led by local Indigenous communities took to the streets of downtown London on Jan. 9 as part of a national protest against the federal government and plans for a TransCanada pipeline. Read this article

The Marrow Thieves inspires community activities for One Book One London
This winter, the London Public Library hosts its third annual One Book One London program, which will be featuring The Marrow Thieves. Read this article

Fanshawe fights to end violence against Indigenous women
The reality of 1,200 murdered and missing Indigenous women concerns every single Canadian. Read this article

Letters and Arts Reading Series kicks off with Duncan McCue
CBC journalist and radio host Duncan McCue visited Fanshawe earlier this week to discuss his autobiographical book, The Shoe Boy: A Trapline Memoir. Read this article

Stanley verdict of not guilty a slap in the face of reconciliation
All across Canada Indigenous peoples have been angered, shocked and saddened by the not guilty verdict in the Colten Boushie case.  Read this article

Get to know the Indigenous community
Without a post-secondary education, Indigenous people's employment rate is approximately 40 per cent, whereas with an education, the average approximate employment rate increases to about 77 per cent Read this article

Fanshawe starts Moose Hide Campaign to end violence against women and children
A new campaign is kicking off at Fanshawe this year to bring awareness to violence towards women and children. Read this article

Ontario government will allow Indigenous post-secondary institutions to independently grant post-secondary degrees and diplomas
After a long time of negotiations between the Aboriginal Institutes Consortium and the government of Ontario, the move to allow Indigenous post-secondary institutions to independently grant post-secondary degrees and diplomas is finally in motion. Read this article

Fanshawe hosts Indigenous basketball tournament
Fanshawe held an Indigenous basketball tournament on June 7th in Fanshawe's fitness center gymnasium. Open to students, parents and spectators, the games kicked off at 10 a.m. and ran through to 2 p.m. Read this article

Lynn Beyak defended "well-intentioned" residential school system
Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak caused a stir in Senate when she tried to point out positives of the residential schools. Some were shocked by her comments about the indigenous children in government-funded, church-operated schools who endured widespread sexual and physical abuse. Read this article

Faceless but not forgotten
Students and staff at Fanshawe will have the chance to create meaningful art with deep historical connection to the indigenous community through the Faceless Dolls Project. Read this article

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