Current Issue: Friday, February 7th, 2020

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Interrobang cover contest promo artwork
Get your photo or artwork on the cover of the April 10 issue of Interrobang & earn a $200 prepaid credit card.


No vacation this reading week? No problem!
While I won't deny that a vacation would do me pretty good right now, the truth is that staying around campus over reading week is actually kind of magical. Read more

Heartbreak on Valentine's Day: An Interrobang playlist
The heartbreak song is the great equalizer in music, bridging genres with emotion and experience. Read more

'Extra'' date night ideas in London
Every once in a while it's fun to go above and beyond for date. Here a few ideas for extra-level dates in London. Read more

Cheap date nights in London
Dating on a budget can be hard, especially when on a student budget. Luckily London has many cheap date options available. Read more

Red velvet recipes for your Valentine's sweetheart
Want to give your loved one something other than chocolate for the holiday of love? Give these red velvet recipes a spin to mix things up. Read more

Local romantic restaurants for your Valentine's Day
Having trouble picking a place for your Valentine's date night dinner? Why not give this list of local restaurants a little peek to see what they have to offer? Read more

Breaking up is hard to do
Who wants to think about something as painful as breaking up during the Valentine's Day season? Surprisingly, quite a few and for various reasons. Read more

Romantic horror films to spook up your Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day means movies about romance, love and the extraordinary lengths people have gone for their special someone. But that does not mean Richard Gere and Julia Roberts get to hog all of that Valentine's Day material. Read more

Are you in a healthy relationship?
The first couple of months of dating can be thrilling in the best way, especially when you've found someone that you think you could be with for a long time. Read more

London Police help protect students during reading week
On Feb. 5, Cst. Catherine Fountain visited Fanshawe College, along with auxiliary officer Barbara Jovanovic, to teach students about campus security. Read more

2020 Kia Sedona SX Tech: A luxury minivan
The third-generation model of the Kia Sedona (Carnival, as it's known in other parts of the world) has been with us since 2014, and not much has changed in all this time. Read more

Double victory for Falcons' volleyball
The Fanshawe Falcons' men's and women's volleyball teams won their last Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) regular season home games. Read more

From pink to lavender: A decade of ONERUN
ONERUN kicked off their 2020 campaign at Palasad London South on Feb. 4, also known as World Cancer Day. Read more

Students make bank with victory in global design competition
Two Fanshawe College students won second place in a global design competition held in New York City. Read more

Ask a Prof: Dealing with withdrawal
Hey Prof, I'm not doing very well in one of my courses and I'm thinking about dropping it. Any advice? Read more

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