Current Issue: Friday, January 24th, 2020

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Fanshawe students and faculty at Research and Innovation Day
Students to compete within their own faculty for Research and Innovation Day


Charity concert for Australian bushfires draws local talent
A charity concert is hoping to contribute to Australia's recovery after more than three months of continuous out-of-control wildfires. Read more

Staying safe before, during, and after the job hunt
Whether you work at a restaurant, in an office, or on stage, you always have the right to be safe at work. Read more

Interview tips and tricks
Applying for jobs can be a difficult task, but landing an interview means proving yourself in person to the employer - no pressure. Read more

Networking without networking
Making a genuine connection feels so much better than one that seems manufactured. And genuine connections do not feel like work, they feel as they are; natural. Read more

2020 BMW X6 M50i: A Fusion SUV
For 2020, the third-generation model of the BMW X6 has been introduced; but is it any good? Read more

Lessons from the priesthood about jobs
Perhaps if every person regarded their work as a Catholic priest is taught to regard his work, our communities and the world would be more just, beautiful, and hopeful. Read more

Tips and tricks to creating a portfolio
A portfolio is a collection of different works you have produced that are shown to potential employers to demonstrate your abilities in the field. Read more

Impact of social media and employment
Social media presence has never been as impactful as it is today. When filling out job applications, often employers search through your social media to learn more about you. Read more

The Furies: A gruesome version of The Hunger Games
This year’s horror genre finally finds its footing with Shudder's The FuriesRead more

Ontario scholarships continue legacy of Canadians who died in Flight PS752 crash
Scholarships launched by the Ontario government will remember the 57 Canadians who lost their lives in a fatal plane crash near Tehran, Iran. Read more

Innovation Village: Many changes taking place as construction begins
As Innovation Village's first phase begins, an on-campus entrepreneurial hub starts its new chapter and nearby study areas close. Read more

In conversation with author Alicia Elliott
An energizing conversation about life with award-winning author Alicia Elliott. Read more

Annual MIA charity concert fast approaching
Students of Fanshawe's music industry arts (MIA) program are gearing up for the culmination of months of hard work. Read more

Netflix Fix of the Week: Leslie Jones: Time Machine
Comedian Leslie Jones makes her debut on Netflix with an hour long special called Time MachineRead more

Triggers in the news: Surviving the Weinstein trials
News of Harvey Weinstein's behaviour and the bravery of the women who came forward popularized the #MeToo Movement. Read more

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