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Avenge the Falcon: Frosh Week low-down
Avenge the Falcon: Frosh Week low-down


John Wick 3: Parabellum: Will another dog die?
I think we all need to realize that it is not his kind-hearted or down-to-earth vibes that makes Keanu Reeves so successful. He is an extraordinary actor that really has a passion for making movies. Read more

Affordable and delicious food in London
London is one of the best cities around when it comes to great food, yet fast food can detract from local businesses. This list features affordable, healthy options, as well as some unhealthy ones (but hey, who doesn't have a cheat day?). Read more

Hidden gems of London
There are countless hidden gems throughout London, from amazing restaurants to scenic trails that make you forget you're in the city. Read more

Shopping and entertainment in the Forest City
There's so much to explore in London, from shopping malls to local restaurants to specialty stores. This guide will, hopefully, help you have a basic idea of where things are. Read more

Places of worship
Presented is a guide to places of worship that are local to Fanshawe's Oxford Street campus, as well those that have limited alternatives in London. Read more

A mini guide to financial aid
School is hard enough, but the true challenge of attending college lies in the thought of how you are going to pay for it all.  Read more

Sustainable boutiques in London
Sustainability is on a lot of people's minds, especially when we see the effects fast fashion has on our planet. A way to shop more sustainably includes thrifting/purchasing second-hand clothing. Read more

Useful perks at Fanshawe College
There is more to Fanshawe College than meets the eye, and this guide will help to find some of the lesser-known programs, supports and benefits that the school offers. Read more

Short cuts: cutting down travel time to classes
Sometimes it is tedious to traverse the halls of Fanshawe. The weird shapes to some of the buildings makes it longer to get to one end of the College to the other. Read more

Food options on campus
A look at some of your on campus dining choices while attending Fanshawe College. Read more

Motoring: 2019 Jaguar I-PACE - Electrified luxury
The I-PACE is proof you can create a functional, attractive electric vehicle. Read more

GCHawk golf simulator now open to students
This past summer, Fanshawe Athletics completed installment of a new GCHawk golf simulator. Read more

Fanshawe Athletics gears up for new season after strong finish in 2018/2019
After a record-breaking season, Fanshawe Athletics is getting pumped for a new year of campus sports. Read more

Endless possibilities in the world of Infinite Dendrogram
Infinite Dendrogram is a light novel, a type of Japanese novella, written by Sakon Kaido. Read more

How to be a decent human on the LTC
Most students take the bus and commute to either school or work. A collective effort to better our transit system behoves everyone. Read more

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