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Interrobang podcast: Nikki Ross
How can we safely enjoy ourselves in the Summer of Covid-19? This week's podcast episode features an interview with Nikki Ross, Fanshawe's Acting Manager of Personal Counselling, to find out how. Read more

First Take Film Festival streams tonight
Fanshawe's advanced filmmaking program has come up with a way to celebrate it students' work from the safety of home. Read more

Interrobang Podcast: Tom Davis
In the latest Interrobang Podcast episode, Tom Davis, professor at the Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology at Fanshawe College discusses the environmental impacts of COVID-19. Read more

Junko Daydream forges ahead with EP release
when post-hardcore band Junko Daydream were forced to cancel their upcoming tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided to still move forward with promoting their sophomore EP entitled We Make an Idol of our FearsRead more

Interrobang Podcast: Jordan Macdonald
Our latest podcast episode features Jordan Macdonald, a Fanshawe College alumnus and member of the band Texas King. Read more

Netflix Fix of the Week: Formula 1: Drive to Survive
The second season of Netflix's Formula 1: Drive to Survive dropped on Feb. 28, and it's just as good as the extremely well-received first season. Read more

Six reasons you should work out with a buddy
I've seen many people find success with the new found motivation of a gym buddy, I know it can work for you too! Read more

Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Update your papers, and take a look at your finances. Set a budget that works with the rising cost of living. Read more

Team StarKid brings in the weird with Black Friday
Black Friday is a play written and produced by Team StarKid (a.k.a StarKid Productions), which premiered on YouTube Feb. 29. Read more

A history of Canadian women in medicine
Women have made a mark in all fields and workforces and left behind legacies that are remembered to date. Canada has its own share of memorable women, and among them are those praised in the history of medicine. Read more

An introductory guide to hip-hop's mad genius: Madlib
Where do you start with one of hip-hop's most enigmatic figures? Madlib is an elusive artist to say the least. Read more

Necessity: The mother of all creation
Now, I'm not saying I enjoy or encourage challenging events to take place in my life, but let's be honest, we all know s#!t happens. Read more

Should I be eating more fibre?
In this week's segment we are going to get a little personal and talk about bowel movements - we are all humans and we all go to the bathroom, so let's chat about it! Read more

Book-lovers assemble
Before there was life-changing moving pictures, books were the source of entertainment that could bring solace on a rainy day. Read more

Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Consider what you want to do with the rest of your life. Reuniting with someone from your past will reawaken some of the dreams you used to have. Read more

Tips and tricks for making your own cosplay
New to the cosplay scene and having trouble deciding how to proceed? These tips will help point you in the right direction. Read more

What is J-fashion?
Similar to how there are different styles of American fashion, such as punk, there are a bunch of styles in Japan too. Here is a small introduction for some J-fashion styles seen around Japan. Read more

J-fashion in America
J-fashion is not only popular in Japan, but also in many other parts of the world. Wanting to learn what J-fashion is like in North America, Interrobang interviewed some people from local London communities. Read more

Video games to satisfy your horror craving
It's hard to come across a genuinely horrifying simulated experience. What does it take to make a truly terrifying video game, something that makes you afraid of the dark? Read more

Online mysteries: real or fake?
Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) are interactive stories that involve sinister themes that take place in real life. Read more

Geeky places to shop online for your international nerd stuff
Sometimes it's hard to get good merchandise from our favourite series/video games that we so desperately want to get our hands on in person. Read more

Machine learning: A threat to humans?
Technology is developing day by day, or minute by minute considering how advanced it has become in a matter of few years. Read more

Fantasy football: the most fun you can have on a Sunday afternoon
Fantasy football gives grown men, women and children the opportunity to see what it feels like to be the general manager of a professional sports team - kind of. Read more

Special effects spotlight
Ray Harryhausen was a legendary visual effects creator specializing in stop-motion animation, even creating a form of claymation called Dynamation to better suit his style. Read more

Your guide to classic anime
Regardless of if you are an anime veteran or just getting started, these titles are iconic in the expansive world of Japanese animation, and deserve to be watched. Read more

7 fictional feminist icons
Some people think that young girls didn't have role models other than Disney princesses. However, there are plenty of strong fictional female characters who are not only feminist icons but also great role models for girls of all ages. Read more

Friendship-testing board games
Board game nights are a great way to get together with friends for a night in. Just order some pizza, play some catchy music, and prepare for some good old fashioned betrayal. Read more

Dos and don’ts of playing Pokémon RPGs
Now is the time to try out a Pokémon RPG (role-playing game) if you haven't already. Read more

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