Current Issue: Friday, November 29th, 2019

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The Fanatic: Travolta like you've never seen before
John Travolta's latest film, The Fanatic, is psychological thriller without any thrills or psychological insights. Read more

Pardis Parker to perform four shows in London
Following a set of sold-out shows across Canada, award-winning comedian Pardis Parker will perform in London for the first time. Read more

The Beauty of Queen & Slim
Queen & Slim will make all viewers feel something. The tragic circumstances remind us that the message of the film is beyond a movie; it explores all the layers of our humanity. Read more

Splash'N Boots starting kids' Big Heart Journey
A Juno Award-winning children's music duo will be making a splash in London as part of their Jingle Boots - The Big Heart Holiday Show. Read more

Seasonal traditions around the world
Ever wonder what holiday traditions are like in different parts of the world? After some research you can find that there are some rather interesting ones. Read more

International Holidays in December
December has many holidays and festivals, like Christmas, that are celebrated by different cultures throughout the world. Below we identify a few of them and look a little deeper at their origins and traditions. Read more

Guy friend gift guide
The struggle is real ladies, but this guide to buying gifts for guy friends can help ease the upcoming burden. Read more

Five must see iconic Christmas movies
Here are just a few movies that are iconic and a tradition for some to see at this time of year. Read more

Delicious holiday foods from around the world
Even if you do not celebrate any holidays there are still amazing seasonal dishes to be had at international restaurants, so take a chance and try something new. Read more

Five inexpensive holiday gifts for your boyfriend/girlfriend
With the holidays around the corner comes the stress of finding a gift for that special someone in your life (while on a student budget). Read more

Five perfect gifts for the gamer in your life
The holidays are so close to being here, and people are doing Christmas shopping. Here’s my top five gifts for a gamer in your life, as recommended by a gamer. Read more

Gift guide for pet owners and pets
Buying gifts for pets is the best because they will always appreciate the present. As for pet owners, buying them a gift that highlights their love for their pet will make their day. Read more

Hip-Hop holiday music to spice up your bland festivities
If you are tired of the same old Mariah Carey holiday hits, this is the playlist for you. Tune into this playlist for frosty flows, a blizzard of beats and jolly jams that'll get you singing jiggy-bells. Read more

How to keep your waistline in check over the holidays
Here are some recommendations as to how you can enjoy all you eat during your holidays without bursting at the seams. Read more

Holiday gift guide for coffee lovers
Dark roast, light roast, espressos, decaf; coffee lovers know what they like, which means it may be hard to know what to buy these curators of caffeine. Read more

How to beat the holiday blues
Here are a few events happening in London that will get you out of the house and involved in the warm atmosphere, despite the cold. Read more

Exciting new games for the holidays
Do you have a friend, family member or spouse that enjoys playing video games? Are you having a hard time deciding what to get them this holiday season? Read more

Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Pay more attention to what you are doing and how best to use your time during the holidays. Read more

A guide to making a bomb mac and cheese
If you are a mac and cheese lover like me and love a really great mac and cheese recipe, I have just the thing. Read more

How to spend Christmas alone and still enjoy it
Spending the holidays alone can be a lot of fun, with the right attitude and some creativity. Read more

Netflix Fix of the Week: The Knight Before Christmas
The Knight Before Christmas has arrived to give you some yuletide joy along with some time-travelling. Read more

Sustainability Bulletin: Don't go broke trying to impress others this Christmas
The wreaths are up, the icicle lights are hanging and the shopping time bomb has started its countdown. Read more

Get to know your FSU clubs: Spectrum Fanshawe
Consider joining Spectrum Fanshawe to make new LGBTQAI2S+ friends and find support during and after your studies. Read more

Taylor Swift, Lover
After a few months of listening and relating, Lover has won a place in this Interrobang reviewer's heart. Read more

Stop helping cybercriminals
How do you fight against something that consumes and preoccupies much of your time? Read more

Healthcare students disregard their own self-care
When we decided we would choose to service the health of others, we neglected to take care of our own well-being. Read more

Trevor Dubois talks work-life balance, authenticity and entrepreneurial spirit
Music industry arts (MIA) and CTV's The Launch alumnus Trevor Dubois plans to stay true to himself, moving forward. Read more

The Winter Fair is coming to town
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is presenting a Winter Fair on Nov. 26 for the Downtown Campus in London and Nov. 27 at Oxford (Main) Campus. Read more

Texas King's long-awaited return home
As part of their current tour throughout Canada and the U.S., Londoners can see Texas King perform alongside Big Wreck at London Music Hall on Saturday, Nov. 23. Read more

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