Reel Life: Things The Simpsons may have predicted

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The Twin Towers creating a faux 11 is almost too sweet for conspiracy theorists.

It’s been a 25-year run, and regardless of what you think of The Simpsons’ quality today, you have to admit the show got more than a couple of things right about the world today. Well, it’s bound to happen considering the sheer volume of materials, from the show itself, to comics, games and other junk in this coveted franchise.

Here are a few things The Simpsons got right.

Tomacco (E-I-E-I-D’oh!)

One of the more memorable Simpsons-on-the-go episodes where Homer’s inevitable buffoonery lead the family to go on the run and hide in the old Simpsons farm. After accidentally mixing tomato and tobacco seeds with a potent plutonium fertilizer, the incredibly addictive tomato-tobacco hybrid tomacco is born. Inspired by the episode, Simpsons fan Rob Baur attempted to breed his own tomacco, using the markedly less exciting way of simply grafting tomato and tobacco growths together, rather that nuclear-powered plant superfood. The result was fairly close – but not as addicting – as the show’s.

Lemon tree thefts (Lemon of Troy)

Featuring one of the most prominent appearances of Springfield’s rival towns, the cousin-incest-approving township of Shelbyville, the episode involves a struggle between the children of these two cities, and a lemon tree stolen from Springfield. Lemon tree theft that would work its way into reality, when a Florida couple discovered their own lemon tree stolen out of their backyard in 2013. Seriously, who steals a lemon tree?

Simpsons predicting Ebola (Lisa’s Sax)

One of the more darkly amusing and idiotic Simpsons conspiracies include the discovery of a Curious George parody book in the episode called “Curious George and the Ebola Virus.” Although simply a one-off joke, this “prediction” of an episode from 1997 about a disease that had existed and was well-known since the ‘70s received an embarrassing amount of attention, even including a lengthy treatment from British paper The Daily Mail.

Horse parts in food (Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Badasssss Song)

It’s nothing more than a one-off visual gag of Doris the lunch lady reaching in to scoop the contents of a barrel labeled Assorted Horse Parts, but it rings disturbingly close to the 2013 scandal that much of the meats sold in supermarkets throughout Britain and Europe contained a significant amount of horse meat – nearly 30 per cent – leading to mass recalls and government investigations.

BONUS: 9/11 (Homer vs. The City of New York)

Of course The Simpsons didn’t predict 9/11, but this rather unusual placement of graphics on a magazine have made this little piece a popular topic of discussion.