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Sharing Shop receives donations from students


Oasis employees Beth Dunseith, Judy Lawrence, Shirley Draper and Elska Pigeon were part of the team to promote the Share-o-Grams, which raised close to $1,500.

Stephanie Lai | Interrobang | News | March 2nd, 2015

Fanshawe Student Union’s Sharing Shop has received bouts of donations thanks to the College Student Alliance (CSA); the Shareo- Grams initiative, which happened before Valentine’s Day; and a generous donation from the Fanshawe Marketing Student Association (FMSA).

Fanshawe Student Union president Matt Stewart is glad to see the Shop finally getting students’ attention.

“Students are getting behind the Sharing Shop, which is great to see that students understand the need for the Sharing Shop on campus and exactly what [it] does,” he said. “A dollar here [and] a dollar there can go a long way for the students.”

Stewart says since the Sharing Shop has come under the FSU’s wing, there’s been more emphasis put onto it.

“It is a student service that we think is very necessary,” he said. “We’ve made sure to put a lot of focus on that with Amy [Romao] being able to head up the program and look after the students.”

“I think there’s a greater understanding and a greater belief than what we anticipated from students on campus about the benefits of what the Sharing Shop is about.”

Amy Romao who heads up the program and schedules students is grateful and happy with how Shareo- Grams were received.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be as successful as we were, but we did well,” she said. “We raised $1,500. I’m extremely pleased with that offering that we have for the Sharing Shop this time around and we plan on doing the event again because it was successful.”

FMSA ran different events to raise money and decided to give back to the school, choosing the Sharing Shop. The students raised $314.

“The Marketing students did a fantastic job of pooling their resources together,” Romao said. “It worked out really well, and I encourage them to do it again because they were quite successful as well. I’m extremely proud that they decided to choose the Sharing Shop as their benefactor for this and encourage other [programs] to do this as well.”

Romao says the donations will help to keep the Shop equipped for students.

“We’re going to use it to buy food and supplies we definitely need for the Sharing Shop,” she said. “That would be ideal.”

The amount of donations from CSA, Share-o-Grams and the FMSA totaled over $3,700.

To help out at the Sharing Shop, visit
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