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The Shopping Bag: Bohemian vibes take over fashion


Headdresses and stones are perfectly in tune with spring's boho chic trend.

Hai Ha Nguyen | Interrobang | Lifestyles | March 2nd, 2015

Every season, there is an “it” trend that inspires the “it” pieces and styling for designers and brands. This season, breezy, carefree and eclectic bohemian vibes sweep through the fashion labels and bloggers.

You can’t forget the bloggers – beauty bloggers and Pinterest fanatics – since they are people like you who get to rate, promote and introduce new and cool products and trends through the power of social media.

Everyone has her own style and can make up her own mind about what looks good, but the bohemian seems to be a vibe that can look good on anyone – with the right styling combinations.

The main elements of bohemian style are prints, texture, free-flowing silhouettes and accented details on accessories. Makeup and hair coincide with the bohemian trend, mainly consisting of wavy or braided hair with eye shadow blending at its finest. Then there is the confidence of wearing the trend – you have to love the trend and pieces you’re wearing to make everything work together.

The bohemian elements are somewhat subjective to the person that is defining it. This is mainly because bohemian style is infused with so many difference influences, shaped by artists and people who were indifferent from the typical social structure.

The prints are vibrant, detailed, ethnic, artistic and colourful, making any boho garment stand out. Textures such as fur, leather trims, fringe elements and stones add to the vibrancy of bohemian style and makes it more unique.

Silhouettes are generally of free-flowing, oversized and light fabrics that contrast the heavy prints. Accessories are also vibrant, consisting of elements that dangle, precious stones, brassy tones and one-of-a-kind emblems and charms.

Braids, wavy hair and loosely pinned hair are perfect for a boho look. Makeup reflects the wardrobe. Makeup artists are using burnt orange, purple and blue colours in their smokey eyes and finishing with perfect, fluttering eyelashes. Contoured and glowing skin with a touch of earthy blush and pinkish nude lips are enough to finish off the beautiful bohemian look.

With that being said, there is a lot going on with the bohemian style and can easily be overdone. The key to styling and trend successfully is setting a theme and vision.

How much do you want to stand out? Mixing unlikely prints and textures are common in bohemian style, but not everyone might be comfortable with that.

Pick a favourite piece, a main colour in that piece to accent and a neutral to offset and balance the colours. Boho style is not one of those trends where the outfit has to be as controlled and proper as some other trends.

Mixing and matching and experimenting with colours, prints, textures and silhouettes is what makes bohemian style. After all, bohemians at heart go against the grain and do what they want so naturally it transcends into their fashion.
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