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A new Falcon era has begun


Jade Kovacevic and Brandon Mendes show off their new Under Armour uniforms; Fanshawe is the first CCAA program in Canada to have Under Armour as their official uniform supplier.

Joel Luxford | Interrobang | Sports | September 14th, 2015

As we begin another school year and get back to our regular routines and reintroduce ourselves to our usual school setting, something that won’t seem as familiar will be our sports stars. Fanshawe’s varsity teams will inevitably be strutting their stuff around campus.

For the upcoming 2015 – 2016 season, Under Armour will be the new manufacturer and supplier of the Falcon’s uniforms. These uniforms will feature the new Falcon Logo in combination with the sleek style traditionally found in Under Armour products.

In a recent press release, Nathan McFadden, Fanshawe’s manager of athletics, shared his support of the new announcement.

“The combination of our new Falcon’s logo and the new Under Armour uniforms has been exceptional. Our Program strives to deliver excellence in everything we do and our staff has done an outstanding job in designing and delivering a unique and premium uniform for our student-athletes to compete in.”

There is also no shortage of excitement from the varsity athletes upon hearing the agreement between Fanshawe and Under Armour.

“The new Under Armour gear is different from everyone else in the OCAA and we are excited to have a unique look,” said Laura Vere, a player for Fanshawe’s women’s basketball team.

This opportunity is truly unique for Fanshawe as it’s the only CCAA program in Canada to have Under Armour as their uniform supplier.

“Love the lightweight and breathable material,” said Jade Kovacevic, a player for Fanshawe’s women’s soccer team.

“The colour is very vibrant and the new uniforms will be intimidating to opponents,” said Brandon Mendes, a player from Fanshawe’s men’s soccer team.

Your next chance to see the new uniforms in action will be when Fanshawe women’s and men’s soccer teams open their seasons on the road against the Conestoga Condors on Mon, Sept. 14. Both the men’s and women’s teams will hope for a repeat of last year’s success when they each defeated Conestoga 3–2 and 5–0 respectively.

Both soccer teams’ home openers will be Sat, Sept. 19, with the women’s game at 12 p.m. and the men’s game at 2 p.m. when both teams take on Mohawk College.
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