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Motoring: The supercar club


Almost everything about the BMW M6 CP is perfect, but to drive this supercar, you have to bring along a $150,500 cheque.

Nauman Farooq | Interrobang | Sports | November 9th, 2015

The last time I was entrusted with the keys to a BMW M6 coupe, it was during the dead of winter back in 2013. While my tester wore proper winter tires, and proved that this car can be used every day in the harsh Canadian winter.

The problem I faced during that test week was with putting all of its 560 horsepower to the ground. It might have been wearing the very best of winter tires, but 500 pound per foot of torque and slippery road surfaces don't mix well.

Still, I enjoyed the car, and returned it feeling impressed.

However, I had been itching to test this car in the summer rather than the winter to see what the M6 coupe is all about.

Luckily, BMW Canada decided to add a 2016 model M6 coupe to their press fleet.

The set of keys I was handed were not just to any ordinary M6 coupe, these keys were for the 2016 M6 Competition Pack, which is the most powerful production car ever made by BMW.

What makes the 2016 M6 Competition Package (CP) different from a normal M6?

The big, headlining feature is the extra power. The Competition Package adds 40 horsepower over the standard model.

BMW achieved this extra performance by remapping the engine's computer and increasing the turbo's boost pressure. The typical method to hot rodding an engine is to increase displacement, but the M6 CP didn't go that route, so it remains at 4.4 litres.

The method BMW used to tune this V8 motor has countless advantages; one being that everyday fuel economy remains unchanged over the standard M6 model. I averaged 14.0 litres per 100 kilometres in my testing week. And if you drive like a normal person, you'll see that number drop to about 12.0 litres per 100 kilometres.

In the Comfort setting, the M6 is calm and relaxing, and lets you cover distances quietly.

To cancel out the tire roar, you need to take the car out of this mode, and put it in Sport mode.

This sharpens up throttle response and increases the noise coming from its sport exhaust. To really liven up this car you need to reach for the Sport+ mode, this puts the engine mapping to its maximum boost setting.

BMW quotes that the M6 CP can sprint from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in just 4.1 seconds. This is then a true member of the supercar club, only this one lets you bring along some friends and your groceries.

Another great part of the M6 CP is the way it can be handled. The M6 CP has stiffened springs, dampers, bushings and anti-roll bars. You also get revised steering and the stability control system has been tweaked to be less intrusive.

In all this talk about performance, it is also worth noting that the M6 has a wonderful and spacious interior, and you can have just about any infotainment gadget you can dream about.

All of this is wrapped in a pretty body that doesn't shout about its presence. There are no big spoilers or a chiseled nose on this one, so it is discreet and you can park it just about anywhere without attracting a crowd of “selfie enthusiasts”.

Like any car, the 2016 BMW M6 CP is not perfect at doing everything, and won't be perfect for everyone.

However, if what you've just read is appealing to you, then you might want to head on down to a BMW dealership and get yourself one. Just remember to bring along a cheque for $150,500 (plus fees and taxes), so you can take one home
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