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Fanshawe student details studying abroad in Ireland


A photo of Amanda Price during her exchange to Ireland last semester. The Interrobang spoke with Price about her time studying abroad.

Jen Doede | Interrobang | News | February 5th, 2018

Fanshawe hotel and resort services management student Amanda Price had the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland last semester. Price explained that she had an interest in studying in Ireland before coming to college and the option to study in Ireland in her chosen area of study, tourism and hospitality, was one of the reasons she ended up choosing Fanshawe.

She spent the semester studying at the Waterford Institute of Technology, located in the South-East region of the country. Price said that the city of Waterford, in which the post-secondary institution is located, is known as the “weather haven” of the country. “The Waterford Institute of Technology offers programs for tourism and hospitality and business students,” Caitlin Smith, international projects and exchange co-ordinator for the Fanshawe International Centre said. “The educational system in Ireland is a bit different. There is a lot more weight on final exams and [students] may only have one assignment throughout the semester [per class].”

According to statistics from Fanshawe's International Centre website, the College has 29 exchange agreements with colleges/universities in 16 countries. Ireland has five partner institutions with Fanshawe. “The biggest difference [in the school system] that I noticed was the marking,” Price said. “In Canada, a 50 per cent is the line whether you pass or fail. In Ireland, it is 40 per cent.” As a result, Price explained that 70 per cent on a test is considered above average at the Waterford Institute of Technology.

Price also mentioned that studying abroad in Ireland gave her the opportunity to explore other countries in Europe due to the cheaper airplane fairs. During her reading week, she chose to travel to Italy.

When asked what one of her most memorable moments from the semester was, Price said that her and a friend had the opportunity to bus up to the city of Limerick for a day and also visit the Cliffs of Moher.

The Cliffs of Moher are a group of sea cliffs on the western edge of Ireland. The picturesque scenery the cliffs offer has made it one of Ireland's top tourist destinations. In addition, the cliffs have also made appearances in numerous films such as The Princess Bride, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Leap Year.

One of the most important things Price learned while studying abroad is just how similar countries are to one another, especially with the Internet to help keep everyone connected on a global scale.

Students who are considering going on an exchange must apply one semester in advance. Smith stated that interested students can pick up the application in the International office, and either speak to their program co-ordinators or send an email to

Price suggested that students interested in studying abroad take the time to research the facilities, as the facilities were not as Price expected them to be once she arrived in Ireland.

Price offered a final piece of advice for students who are contemplating studying abroad, “If you can study abroad, go. If you do go, really take every opportunity you can. It is only four months. Get out there and make friends, because the time goes by quick.”
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