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Hedley: When it's time to let go


With recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Canadian band Hedley, one writer isn't sold on staying a fan of the group.

Mary Kanoun | Interrobang | Opinion | March 5th, 2018

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The long-time running Canadian band Hedley were accused by many young women on social media earlier this month of sexually assaulting them in the past couple of years.

When the news broke out, there was a huge storm on twitter about the band's vile behaviour towards their own fans.

After the news started swarming across twitter and the headlines, they were soon dropped by their own management and then ended up dropping out of the Juno's which they were set to perform at and were nominated for three awards.

The band has also decided to continue on with their Cageless tour, which their opening acts Neon Dreams and Shawn Hook also dropped out from amid the allegations.

The band released a statement addressing the allegations, which was poorly written in my opinion, and they also did not deny anything, which makes me more suspicious and makes me think that these rumors are most likely true.

In my honest opinion, I'm surprised the band decided to continue on with their tour and decided not to disband, as something like this would usually cause a huge halt to an artist's career.

Although, at the same time that could be because the band is not well known worldwide, so the problem isn't as big as it should be.

I was very pleased to hear that their management decided to drop them, as I would have done the same thing if I were managing an artist, because I would not want to represent someone who is being seen as a predator and doesn't treat their own fans with respect.

Despite all the allegations, which are still continuing on, many fans have been showing up to Hedley's concerts the past couple days and have been holding a fan project by presenting signs that say “#istandwithhedley”.

I thought their fans would have decided to not support the band anymore, whether the rumors are true or not, as sexual assault is a big issue in today's society.

I personally was a fan of the band as I loved the music they put out in the past, but something like this just makes you think, and I don't want to continue supporting artists who do not respect women or their own fans.
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