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Brighter times ahead for up and coming Fanshawe MIA band

Credit: ANDY UN

Exciting news from Fanshawe Music Industry Arts students in Brighter Green as they prepare for the release of their debut EP on March 2.

Lliam Buckley | Interrobang | Lifestyles | March 5th, 2018

Brighter Green is one of the most noteworthy bands to break out of Fanshawe's Music Industry Arts (MIA) scene this year.

Featuring the musical talents of Austin Pigott on guitar/lead vocals, Owen Viragos on bass, Alakai Hamnett on drums/vocals and Jairo Elomina on lead guitar, this indie rock group has been giving it their all in the local music scene and it certainly shows.

Having played their first official concert at the beginning of January, this band may seem to be in its infancy, however, many of the songs have been in development for quite some time through the hard work of frontman and primary songwriter, Austin Pigott. Pigott went in to great detail of his musical past and shared the story of how Brighter Green came to be, with a little help from MIA.

Growing up near Brantford, Ont., in a home which housed a few musical instruments, Pigott was intrigued to learn how to perform from an early age. Though he tinkered with several instruments, it wasn't until Pigott tried to play guitar and sing that he realized music was something special for him. “I knew right there…this is never gonna stop,” he said.

This led to the start of Pigott's career as a songwriter. However, there were very few people in his home town to perform with, forcing him to form a career as a solo artist instead.

“It was always just acoustic guitar and myself so it kinda sounded auto-folky,” Pigott said, telling how he longed for the experience of performing with a full band.

After moving to London, Ont., to attend MIA, this dream was realized when Pigott met the musicians who would soon become Brighter Green. “I ended up finding the right characters…and I'm really happy,” Piggott said.

Piggot loves the environment and sense of community that comes with playing in a band.

“It's four times the momentum in every way,” he said. “There's a bigger sound with a band, allot more energy and not just when you're playing.”

Being a part of the MIA program has been a hugely impactful part of Pigott's approach to the industry and, as he prepares to graduate the program this April, he is grateful for all that he has learned through it. “I think it's impacted my music and myself as a person positively, more than anything,” Piggot said. “I cannot imagine where I'd be right now if I didn't come here…I've grown huge as an artist.”

The band is excited to announce the release of their debut EP Some Songs For You Guys which was recorded in the studios of the MIA program over the past few months and is coming out on March 2. It is a collection of four original songs, written by Piggot, with a vibrant indie rock sound. As invigorating as the music on this EP is, Piggot shared that they are best seen live as their exciting, energetic shows are something to be experienced.

In this regard, Brighter Green is currently preparing for a large scale tour this summer to help promote the release of Some Songs For You Guys. More info on this and any upcoming news or new music can be found on Facebook or Instagram @BrighterGreenBand.
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