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Meet the FSU Election candidates

Interrobang | News | March 5th, 2018

FSU President
Peterzon, Aaron
Peterzon, Aaron
My Fellow Falcons,

My name is Aaron Peterzon, but many of you may know me as that guy who gave you a tour… or that guy with the A-A-RON and Rick Astley posters last year. This year I am running for President in the Fanshawe Student Union elections. The decision to run for President this year was an easy one! I have a long list of improvements and changes that I know can better the lives of Fanshawe students regardless of what program you're in. Some of my ideas include, revamping our on-campus food bank, implementing a strong social media campaign — so you are increasingly aware of what events are going on and when, an increase in mental health initiatives, creating more jobs/free workshops for students and lastly, I am a strong believer that food prices need to be kept low for students.

I have demonstrated my dedication to the students in many ways. For the past two years, I have been a Fanshawe College Student Ambassador. This role has allowed me to give hundreds of tours to prospective students and gather a strong idea about what it is that students want. Last year, I was your SAC representative for the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business. In addition, I am also the current Chairman of Fanshawe Student Union. My primary focuses are one, what is best for the students, and two, to implement that changes students want to see. Voting takes place March 5th to 8th on FOL and I would love to see all 20,000+ of you there! Vote Aaron Peterzon for FSU President.
Smith, Jahmoyia
Smith, Jahmoyia
Hey Fanshawe! My name is Jahmoyia and I am running to be your Fanshawe Student Union president for the 2017-18 academic year.

I was born and raised in Jamaica and came to Canada four years ago to attend Fanshawe. I am currently enrolled in my final semester in the Bachelors OF Early Childhood Leadership program. I am running for president because I LOVE Fanshawe and all Fanshawe Students.

I chose Fanshawe College four years ago, highly influenced by the extra-curricular opportunities it had to offer, student life and student government has always been my passion. After my first year as a Student Administrative Council representative with the student union I fell in love with the organization and in my third year I was elected the Vice President of Finance, I am currently the Advocacy and Communications Coordinator.

I believe that getting involved is the best way to enhance your college experience. My main goal is to provide all students to get involved and to know what is available to them. My platform focuses on advocating for:
  1. Enhanced programming and resources for Mental Health
  2. Increased international and diverse affairs and events
  3. Increased support for varsity athletes and increased wellness and athletic programming for students
  4. Reducing barriers around student access to scholarship and bursaries
  5. Increased funding for on-campus jobs for students
For those who haven't had an opportunity to get involved, now is your chance. You can't make a difference if you don't voice your opinion.
FSU Director
Bhatia, Harinder Kumar
Bhatia, Harinder Kumar
My name is Harinder kumar Bhatia(HRD). I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. I completed Practical Elements of Mechanical engineering in Fanshawe College and currently in my second year of study. I am thankful and appreciate the opportunity that FSU provides to its students. As a proud alumni of Maharishi Dayanand University, I served as the cultural head. My experience in management and communication has been enthralling. Giving a better student life experience with maximum exposure is what I aim for, in my student career. I believe, my planning and execution skills will help serve Fanshawe student union as Director.

Preserving student and public trust is utmost priority.
Eigbe, David
Eigbe, David
My name is David Eigbe. I grew up in one of the biggest cities in Africa, Lagos. Life for me has always been comfortable, being the youngest child of wealthy parents; my needs were always.

I have always had an interest and sense of fulfillment in giving a helping hand to people and for as long as I can remember, been attracted to technology, the advancement of science and how we can make life easier by the use of machines.

This motivated me to study for a bachelor's degree in the University of Benin, Nigeria and I graduated with honors as a Mechanical Engineer. During my co-op while in the university I was privileged to intern at an engineering firm and my department was focused on the oil industry. I learnt a lot there, I also learnt that we take more than we give back to our planet and this stayed with me.

After my graduation from the university, I served my country in the mandatory one year paramilitary service under the secretary of state as a mechanical engineer in the bureau of transportation. During this period I received a skilled training and was certified as a Solar Energy Technician.

I am currently in the Manufacturing Engineering Technician program here at Fanshawe College , and I have to say the standard of education I have received here has been nothing but amazing since day one, I want to give back to this college, and that's why am contesting for the post of an FSU director. My mission is simple; to stand tall for all, to be a watchman, a corner stone in this structure, because in the end it's not about me, it's about us all.
Mann, Saralynne
Mann, Saralynne
Hello fellow peers I would like to take the time to officially introduce myself. My name is Saralynne Elizabeth Mann. I am currently running for FSU director.

I am an open and bubbly person. I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I love listening to music, drawing, going out with friends. I like to joke around and make people laugh but still be respectful with how I joke around. I believe every day needs at least a little laughter. I thoroughly enjoy helping others in any way I can. When I was growing up in my hometown, I set forth to get involved and started volunteering at the age of thirteen at the local hospital and ended volunteering my first year of high school when I got my first part time job. With three hundred and ten hours of community service.

I am currently in my third and final year of the Graphic Design program. I previously attended another school for the same program but decided to transfer because of a move. Throughout my time at Fanshawe College I have come to love the atmosphere, the very accepting and welcoming feeling. The teachers want to see everyone, being successful. Fanshawe has a wide range of ethnicities and cultures but everyone is made to feel welcome as everyone should be. Through events and other social activities as well as by the helpful staff and peers. For those of us who had to move away from our families because we aren't from London, and for those who are. It is comforting to be accepted and gain a new family (more friends) by coming to Fanshawe. We have a large range of things to do on campus in our free time such as going to our fabulous gym, outback shack, concerts and events, downtown with our free transit.

I would truly love to have the opportunity to advocate for what I believe in. Not only advocating for what I would like to see in the means of my education but helping my peers and making our voices heard. In my first year of the Graphic Design program there was an issue with lab times and not having enough labs because of classes. I helped my peers and we got together to do a class wide petition to gain more time in the labs and we won. There has not been anymore issues with having lab time not available.

My future education goals include returning to Fanshawe College for business, animation, or photography. Then going abroad for a top up year at Solent University in South-Hampton, UK for my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design.

When I'm not studying or working on projects you can find me at the gym, on the rock wall or at the many Fanshawe events.

Best of luck to everyone in their future endeavors. Thank you for taking your time to read my bio, have a wonderful day. Cheers!

Saralynne Mann
Mecheri, Thanveer
Mecheri, Thanveer
Hello Fanshawe Family,

My name is Thanveer Mecheri and am an International student, graduate in Computer science and engineering. My interest in the field of IT lead the way towards Fanshawe; pursuing Network Security and Architecture. I am inclined in serving Fanshawe and the Community with every bit of experience I endured during my graduate study. As a Secretary in my previous college for about 3 years, I organised and executed events and cultural activities for students. As a student representative, I looked after student crisis and issues concerning Student life. Every step aimed towards providing a quality experience as a student and an enjoyable college environment. I presume my experience as a Secretary in my previous college will help serve Fanshawe Student Union. I believe leadership and management being my strong abilities will add value as a director of Fanshawe Student Union. It would be a privilege to serve and study at Fanshawe College. I ask the students to give me this opportunity to be the voice of Fanshawe Students.

I assure, your concerns will be my priority!

Thank You.
Thanveer Mecheri
Nagdive, Arohi
Nagdive, Arohi
My name is Arohi Nagdive, currently studying Public relations and corporate communication in our college. Have done BA in English Literature from University of Mumbai (India).

I am a hardworking individual with positive attitude towards every action and its consequences, I strongly believe that doing good to others come back in multiple way, always have a kind heart and considerate nature towards other problems and issues, I have a fighting spirit to face any critical situations strong headedly, Recently I was harassed mentally by my owners for paying rent of my entire room because my roommate was not ready to sign the lease and did not had enough money to pay for the rent, but with the help of our counseling services and support of Glen Mathew, I could overcome this situation by proving that I was not wrong, collected and accumulated enough evidence and facts showing, it was fault in their data that they had held me responsible for, unnecessarily causing mental and emotional turbulence in life. I always take time to evaluate and analyse situation before taking any firm decision.

I have this attitude of helping people with whatever resources are available. I have amazing networking skills thanks to solid curriculum of my program. I am absolutely a right candidate for the post of FSU Director as I have all the skills and talent to solve queries of people and organize various strategic plans that I have learned while volunteering in events back in India.
Patel, Nilam
Patel, Nilam
My Name is Nilam Patel, born and brought up in India with my Family of love. I reflected a varied personally including ambition, and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. I am also a well determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly clam. I encourage flighting for what you desire and believe in, and doing it through god because nothing great comes easy with god everything is possible.

I am full-time student, motivated by my love for learning and succeeding as I strive to become an outstanding and successful woman in today's society. With the definitive goal of becoming a Director at the Fanshawe student committee. I am currently completing Post Graduate in Information Technology, at London Campus in Fanshawe and I was a Managing Director and founder of Non-Governmental Organization which helps children to fulfill their basic needs like food, shelter, and most important Studies which was feed personally by me and my team. I was managing more than twenty people under me for this work with affirmation.

Apart from the above, with the passion for environmental, metal wellness and a belief that everyone deserves equal opportunity to thrive, we can create a community together which is focused on progress, empowerment, communication and integrity.
Sharma, Abhimanyu
Sharma, Abhimanyu
My name is Abhimanyu Sharma, international student at Fanshawe College and has begun my first semester in January, I am here at Fanshawe to get knowledge and skill of technology by choosing IWD1 as my program. . By profession I am a entrepreneur with two start-ups McWays which is an IT company dealing in all kinds of technological services and Techhunt which is investments consultant firm along with these I do trading in shares and crypt currency, both these provide employment to over 25-30 people .I am native of India where I have in last 18 years. My passion has always been in to leading and getting change in people and society, due to my passion I started a charity a young age, KARDUAA so I can give my most and best to society in my life period. I have always been curious about getting into everything and getting most knowledge out of it, I worked with Army for 3 years getting basic training of defence and medical. My achievements include wining of national level and regional level Debate and extempore championships. I mark my words with my actions that are also my speciality what people say. Indian government has recognized me with award for my skills in quiz while at schooling I was recognized and also awarded for being best at leading and shooting where I scored 362/400, . I did my whole schooling at army school in several places like Hyderabad, Delhi, Ambala, Kurukshetra, getting more exposure to world. I never wasted my time I always tried to get best out me in my holidays I used to work at Bank, or take up skill training at vacation camps or did help my father at business and accounting. My dream and desire is to build the biggest self sustainable charity in the world, so that nothing can stop it from bringing change in world, along with this the I want to build empire where people are hired on basis of there knowledge and ultimately being the largest employer in the world. I believe “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL” so lets join hands to bring the best out of all of us. I have always proved myself in leading role, school head boy, as a boss, as a hand of wishing at charity, leading young soldiers in National Cadet Corps (an branch of army in India) and now I want to prove myself to you all as Director.
Sidhu, Navtej Singh
Sidhu, Navtej Singh
My name is Navtej Singh Sidhu and I'm beyond ready to be your next FSU Director. I am student of first year General Arts and Science and also an international student from India. I am high school graduate. I did my graduation with subject's sociology, history and politics. That's why from my school days I am interested in social work and Politics. I am also a good sports person. I like sports like soccer and athletics. I won many awards in athletics in my school time.

I am incredibly passionate about Fanshawe. I absolutely love this school and want to serve you. Words can't describe the hard work, I put in to get this position. I participated in student union elections last time at my school in India and I won those elections with full hard work. I absolutely love this school and want to serve you. I'm not running for myself- I'm here to give back to the student community, because the community has helped me grow.

I Fanshawe students will like my ideas and will give me chance to serve them, I will be happy to serve them as a good leader with my political and social skills. There are lot of ideas and things that I would like to change in Fanshawe with your support.

Checkout my Facebook account “Nav Tej Sidhu” to contact with me and to know more about me. I will work more instead of speaking more.
Singh, Kamaldeep
Singh, Kamaldeep
My name is KAMALDEEP SINGH and I am running for Director's post of Fanshawe Student Union Election. I am an International student from India. I am in the second level of Electromechanical Engineering Technician. I believe in building friendly relations with people.

I had worked in many colleges, inter-college level as well as national level technical fest and cultural festivals in India. So, I had developed leadership qualities and management skills from there. I know how to listen and tackle people's issues, how to deal delicate problems and resolve them. As being a student of Fanshawe, it seems like that Fanshawe College is my home. I have observed that many students have issues while talking to them. If my home and their members are facing any problem then it should be my top most priority to solve that problem.

I believe in serving the mass rather than any community or any group of people. I have only one vision if you choose me as your director, I'll work only and only for the students. I will make sure that I never disappoint you people.

Choose Wisely. Choose Brightly.
Singh, Pavneet
Singh, Pavneet
Hi Everyone.

My name is Pavneet Singh and I am currently standing for the FSU Director position. At Fanshawe, I am studying Network Security Architecture.

This is the first time I have left my home country India, to enhance my career skills at Fanshawe. I have Graduated from Eternal University, with Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communication. I can play around 8 musical instruments as a result, I was the lead instrumentalist and organizer for Musical Orchestra at the College fest and the international conferences held at the University.

For the past 2 years, I have been working as Network Engineer at Aricent technologies. At Aricent I worked for Cisco as a third party assisting enterprise network customers such as Google, Microsoft, NASA, Amazon to name a few.

I had the opportunity to handle the team and train newly hired professionals, where my focus was in enhancing their technical and customer support skills.

FSU has been an integral part of my life since my first day in Canada, from receiving me at the Airport and helping me out in finding accommodation. It's a great opportunity that I have been given a chance to work for FSU and students at Fanshawe, as being an international student I really understand the hardships an international student faces when being away from their home country.

I believe that with knowledge and experience I can really help students not only academically, but professionally and personally in making their stay at Fanshawe a wonderful experience.


Pavneet Singh
Board of Governors
Aubertin, Arien
Aubertin, Arien
My name is Arien Aubertin and I hope to be one of the Board of Governors for the 2018/19 academic year. Currently, I am finishing my Marketing Diploma and come September I will be continuing my Business Admin Marketing Advanced Diploma.

I love creating things, from new experiences to online graphics; you can find me in the library working on some sort of project (or in our amazing fitness center). I adore meeting new people and hearing their stories; in my 22 years I have never met individuals as incredible as Fanshawe students. We are a diverse community with incredibly talented people. I believe that our student deserve to have a post secondary experience as amazing as they are. I hope to work with all of you to create this experience and get to know you all individually.

Thank you!
Arien Aubertin
Khanna, Sahil
Khanna, Sahil
I, Sahil Khanna was born in the Calcutta which lies in the eastern part of India on the 9th of March in the Year 1996. I grew up in Hyderabad and studied at the Gitanjali Group of Schools which is one of the renowned schools in the southern region of India. This was followed by my graduation from Roots ISBM (Osmania University) Hyderabad. I opted for BBA as my main stream, in which I was given an insightful look into Business through subjects like Economics Business Management and Accounts. My family consists of five members and they have been very supportive of my ambitions.

It is true that I am most inclined towards Marketing but I do have other areas of interest. I have a strong affinity towards Economics, Computers, E-Business, E-Commerce. In the extra-curricular sphere, I love to swim and to dance. I have a couple of achievements to share like, I was the House Captain in school rendering all the duties to the best of my ability. I was the Co- President of the ‘Sports Club' and the Treasurer of the ‘Cultural Club' during my college years. Achieving the “Best Speaker Title” a couple of times proves my good communication skills being the Vice President of the ‘Toast Masters Club'. But, my most memorable achievements include “The Best Volunteer Award for Street Cause” (NGO) in the year 2015 and “The Student of the year Award” in the year 2017. From my early childhood my most remarkable characteristics have been my curiosity to learn new topics which lead me in accomplishing the Co-Curricular Records in Fanshawe College for Career Service and Literacy Workshops”, have got The Leap and the Rising Leaders pending which are expected to be completed by the end of this month. I believe that I am a people's person as I empathize with them feeling their concerns to be my own and find it easy to befriend new people. I have an amiable attitude and am an active member of any group holding responsibilities well, as I have done in many school and college activities. I am passionate about travelling and learning new things.

Thank You!
Sahil Khanna.
Sidorenko, Misha
Sidorenko, Misha
My name is Mikhail Sidorenko and I am a Board of Governors candidate for 2018 — 2019 academic year.

I am currently studying Electrical engineering at Fanshawe and was hoping to make a difference to your school by taking on this responsibility. Before attending Fanshawe, I was an active member of the student body in my high school, making many important decisions regarding school policies. It's my personal goal to treat all people fairly and with the respect they deserve, and so you can always expect my full help under any circumstance that might arise.

Some of my future policies outline:
  1. Making sure that the student body and college administration work together on controversial topics.
  2. Increase the number of student-focused activities and events.
  3. Become your voice in the system.
Vote Mikhail Sidorenko for Board of Governors March 5th - March 8th.
Also running for Board of Governors is:
  • Elkadri, Mawada
  • Mehta, Paras
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