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Melissa Novacaska | Interrobang | Opinion | September 21st, 2018

Editorial opinions or comments expressed in this online edition of Interrobang newspaper reflect the views of the writer and are not those of the Interrobang or the Fanshawe Student Union. The Interrobang is published weekly by the Fanshawe Student Union at 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd., P.O. Box 7005, London, Ontario, N5Y 5R6 and distributed through the Fanshawe College community. Letters to the editor are welcome. All letters are subject to editing and should be emailed. All letters must be accompanied by contact information. Letters can also be submitted online by clicking here.
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another week and issue of the Interrobang. To start off another issue, my reporters spent a good amount of time working hard to have fresh and relatable content for you to read through and stay up to date with Fanshawe and London news.

This issue has a number of interesting pieces, including one about Fanshawe’s parking lots and how drivers are having a hard time finding a spot to park and are paying a lot of money if they do get a spot.

Another news story covers five new programs that started this year at Fanshawe, as well as the upcoming REDTALKS event, where Lucy DeCoutere will be giving an insightful and important talk about resilience, sexual assault and the culture around it. This event, on Oct. 4, is not one to miss.

The Interrobang gives readers an inside scoop of London’s first vegan food bank and the City’s initiative to help provide female hygiene products to those in need.

Our opinion section has two thoughtful pieces to ponder about, including one following the Ten Commandments and another about one student’s rant on Fanshawe’s parking system.

The lifestyles section includes our cover story about London native and musician Sarina Haggarty. Haggarty has not only performed across the city and in other Canadian and American cities, but has also performed an original song during a Shawn Mendes concert in Cleveland. She’s now taking her talents to Fanshawe and is part of the College’s Music Industry Arts (MIA) program. You’ll also find a video interview with Haggarty that the Interrobang conducted, which will be attached to the online version of this article. It’s a must watch.

The lifestyles section also includes a horror movie review, a fitness article a neat piece about metal detectors.

Last, but not least, our sports section includes some interesting pieces including a car review, a look at Fanshawe’s sports stats and a story about a number of Fanshawe Falcons who are recipients of the national Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) award.

That’s it for this issue, but be sure to check back again when our next issue hits newsstands on Sept. 28.

Happy reading,

Melissa Novacaska
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