Us: A horrifying masterpiece

With a killer plotline, stunning acting and an overall haunting feeling to it, so far Us, is the best horror film of the year.

Following the critically acclaimed thriller, Get Out, Jordan Peele’s second highly anticipated horror, Us, has finally been released in theatres.

And just like its predecessor, Us did not disappoint. The film was mesmerizing, had an incredibly twisted (and brilliant) plotline and left you speechless as the final credits began to roll.

Adelaide (played by Lupita Nyong’o), accompanied by her husband, son and daughter, visit the beach home that she grew up in as a child. With the flashbacks of childhood traumatic experiences, Adelaide begins to suspect something bad is going to happen. Her fears quickly become a reality when four masked figures are standing out front of her house. But as the masks come off, the true horror sinks in as each of these figures takes the appearance of each member in the family.

If you are familiar with Jordan Peele’s Get Out, then you know there is way more to the plotline then what was mentioned above. Not everything is as it seems.

For those who aren’t familiar with his work, Us may not be what you hoped it would be. If you were expecting some “cut em’ up”, home invasion flick, you will be pretty disappointed.

What made Us so brilliant was the highly relevant symbolism and metaphors laced throughout the entire film. From the rabbits to the scissors and even to the title of the film, everything in this movie had a purpose and told an even deeper story. On top of that, Us was unsettling and scary as hell.

What also made Us such an incredible film, was the impeccable acting from the entire cast. Not only did they have to portray your “typical” American family, they also had to embody chaos and anarchy as the “Tethered” (the family’s lookalikes).

While the entire cast was incredible, Lupita Nyong’o definitely stole the show. Her performance was almost hypnotizing, to the point where you couldn’t take your eyes off of her, especially when she was playing her “Tethered”.

To finish everything off, Us ended perfectly. While you will be definitely confused and questioning everything throughout the film, the ending will leave you absolutely speechless. It’s completely unpredictable and reveals the darker truth and story to the film. Anyone who tells you they predicted the ending is lying.

I highly recommend watching Us in theatres, not once, but twice because its that good. Watch it once with a completely open mind, read up on all the hidden Easter eggs and meanings, then watch the film again.

Us is by far the best horror film that has so far been released in 2019, and will be appreciated by horror and movie lovers alike.