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Fanshawe athletics to host National University/College Golf Championships


Fanshawe Athletics is hosting this year's Canadian University/College Golf Championships at FireRock on May 27 to 31.

Lauren Dietrich | Interrobang | Sports | April 5th, 2019

After hosting the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Provincial Championships at FireRock Golf Club & Pub, Fanshawe Athletics was chosen to host this year’s Canadian University/College Golf Championships on May 27 to 31.

Nathan McFadden, Fanshawe’s manager of athletics, said that this has been in the works since 2017.

According to McFadden, Fanshawe was planning to host the National Championships in 2020 but Golf Canada approached them and asked if they would consider hosting it a year earlier.

“There was an issue with their host in Quebec,” McFadden said. “They really wanted us to push for hosting in May 2019 and we were able to adjust out schedules and make it work with FireRock.”

Nathan McFadden said that hosting the Provincials at FireRock helped Fanshawe with being able to host the national championships.

“After we hosted the provincial championships at FireRock, Golf Canada was on the phone with us pretty much the next week,” Mc- Fadden said. “They said they heard tremendous things from Golf Ontario officials and FireRock about the hosting job that we did and wanted us to host the championships in May 2019.”

McFadden said that hosting the national championships speaks volumes to the work that the staff does in putting together events.

“It speaks to the level of organization and the job that our staff does hosting our [Canadian Collegiate Athletics Association] CCAA National Championships and OCAA Provincial Championships that a national organization like Golf Canada to approach us and be so eager for us to host their national championship,” McFadden said. “It certainly is a big compliment to our staff and we are very proud of the job that our team does here.”

McFadden said that knowing the layout of the FireRock course will benefit the golf players.

“It is a tremendous opportunity for our golf program and our student athletes having the familiarity with that course and being extremely successful in the fall on that course,” McFadden said. “It puts us in a good position going into this national championship.”

McFadden said that the national championships will be double the size of the OCAA Championships. They are expecting approximately 160 golfers compared to the 80 that played at the OCAA Championships.

“It will be a benefit to the London community as far as sport tourism goes because we are bringing in a lot of revenue into the city,” McFadden said.

According to McFadden, they have had to cut off the volunteer list as they have already had 115 people sign up to help.

“That speaks volumes to the level of commitment within the city of London,” McFadden said. “We appreciate of all the people that have stepped us to help us out with running the National Championship[ s].”

According to McFadden, when the OCAA Championships were hosted at FireRock in the fall, the weather was rainy and cold most of the weekend.

“We are hoping that by the end of May we will be able to enjoy the sunshine a little bit more,” Mc- Fadden said. “The warmth will be appreciated after coming through the winter.”

If you are interested in cheering on the Falcons at the national golf championships, the event is free of charge and will be located at 10345 Oxbow Dr., Komoka, Ont.
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