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Best coffee and tea shops in London


If you're looking for a great spot to grab some coffee or tea and study or relax, look no further than these shops in local shops.

Emma Fairgrieve | Interrobang | Lifestyles | April 12th, 2019

A cup of joe or tea can really make your day that much better. Café atmosphere is a huge factor in deciding which ones to check out. Although it’s easy to get used to getting your regular order from Starbucks or Tim Horton’s, there is nothing like treating yourself at a new café.

With exams quickly approaching, a great place to study or even just unwind is a café. A cafe’s vibe is almost as important as the quality of the drinks and snacks. Below are just a few of the cafés London has to offer.

Black Walnut Bakery Café

Black Walnut has two locations here in London. However, each location has a bit of a different vibe. The location in Wortley Village feels very relaxing, but also lively with the surrounding community. The other location on Richmond Row is a great place to study. Both locations can get very busy, but they offer a wide variety of different teas and local brews. The locations have a more traditional and rustic look and can make you feel cozy.

CommonWealth Coffee Co.

This modern and Instagram-worthy shop has a wide variety of teas, coffees and so much more. Recently, they partnered with another local business so they now offer specialty donuts. This café gives off a very trendy, youthful and homey vibe all at once. Although it can be a busy location on Richmond Row, this café is one of the best to study at. If you are in for a long (but not heavy) study session, this café is a definite must try.

Plant Matter Cafe

This is for all you vegans and vegetarians looking for a welcoming café to help you unwind and enjoy a great breakfast. The café also offers more gluten free options than any other café on this list. Also located on Richmond Row, this café is very homey and overall inviting. Yet another hidden gem in terms of a great studying spot.

London Bicycle Café

If you love cycling and coffee (and tea) this place may just be a crossroads for your favourite things. If you’re looking for a lovely outing, there is nothing like hoping on your bike (bikes can be purchased at the cafe), get it repaired if need be and while enjoy a hot or cold brew at the same time. This stylish and niche café is a wonderful hidden gem in the city. The menu has both vegan and gluten free options. Although this place may not be the best to sit down and study at, you are in for a great day if you get the chance to stop by and maybe even go for a ride. Overall, it’s one of the best places downtown London.
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