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Interactive Media program receives national award

Credit: Staff of Fanshawe's School of Digital and Performing Arts accept the Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) Silver Program Excellence Award at the 2019 CICan conference.


Leandra Gumb | Interrobang | News | June 7th, 2019

On May 6, Fanshawe’s Interactive Media program cluster, including the Interactive Media Design and Interactive Media Specialist programs, received the Silver Program Excellence award from Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).

According to a May 8 media release from Fanshawe College, the CICan Excellence Awards showcase extraordinary contributions and success in advancing the College, the community and post-secondary education in Canada.

Fanshawe’s Interactive Media program cluster became eligible for the award criteria by providing an experience that allows their students to leave their program as well-informed and talented individuals specializing in digital media solutions. The learning process includes training those who wish to work behind the scenes of advertising.

“[The students in] these programs are the ones that will design the front ends, what you see on your app or on your phone, they do the face of all of that. They must understand the back part of it, so that’s the education piece to the programs,” said Michelle Giroux, associate dean of Fanshawe’s School of Digital and Performing Arts.

The Interactive Media programs work with a faculty, staff and student consultancy team called Reactr (Rethinking Education through Applied Collaborative Technology Research). With this team, they formed a collaborative approach to teaching web design and development.

Giroux said that after filling out a nomination form for one of Fanshawe’s program awards, the nomination was so strong that it was applicable for the CICan Program Excellence award.

One of the most important aspects for future students to consider is the open job field after graduation. Those who choose to take part in the Interactive Media program cluster have a very good chance at being hired immediately after receiving their certifications.

“Half of the digital media companies and the digital creative companies within London that are surrounding our campus right now, I could find at least one grad in every single one of those,” said Giroux. “Many times, I can find at least 10 or 12 in the bigger companies.”

Located at the new Fanshawe campus downtown on Dundas Street, Giroux said the hardworking staff, such as the program co-ordinators, and the full and part-time faculty, are responsible for this triumph. Giroux described her team as driven to ensure positive results.

“They’re the ones that are standing in front of those classes every week, every day, giving the lectures, answering questions, they’ll meet with students if they’re struggling. Those students don’t succeed without the pre-planning of that group. That team is cohesive, they understand what it means to be on a team, they understand the need of the student and how to balance the work loads,” she said. “I can’t even begin to tell you how dedicated they are and it’s just wonderful to see them recognised for their hard work and dedication to the program, to the school and to the College. It’s been really overwhelming, very thoughtful and very heartfelt.”

She added that the Interactive Media team has been overwhelmed with support and will continue to make strides in education in order to give their students an authentic and wholesome learning experience.
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