Sex positions for every kind of mood

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Basic Positions:

The good old basics, where you can have fun without fear of messing up in some way:

Hot Seat

Good old chair sex, meaning having sex while sitting on a chair – not with the chair. The one doing the penetration will sit on a chair or the edge of a surface, while their partner sits on their lap. The sitter enters and then lets the thrusting commence.


In essentially the most common position, the receiving person lies down while the giver is between their legs and enters. The position allows intimacy to blossom with face-to-face contact that some couples might desire.

Doggie Style

It’s time to go to the doghouse with this oldie but goodie. The bottom gets on their hands and knees like a dog and the top enters them from behind. It allows deeper penetration for the receiver’s pleasure and an erotic view for the giver seeing themselves enter the other.

Adventurous Positions:

Want to try something new and spice things up? Here are some unusual positions that you can try out with your partner:

Snow Angel

A bit of a challenge – one partner straddles the other while they lie down so they have a nice view of the butt. The lying down partner then wraps their legs around the top’s back to elevate their own pelvis so the top can enter. Then with a firm grip on the butt the sitter can help the other slide up and down, while maybe adding a little booty massage to the mix.

Caught in the Web

Literally caught in a web, this position involves you or your partner being carefully tied into a 10- by-10 ft. web using bondage rope purchased in a sex shop. The person in the web can be positioned in multiple sexually available ways. Not only is it sexually appealing, it’s also artistically appealing too. When performing bondage, make sure you and your partner are clear on your rules and safety words.

Tug of Love

This one requires a flexible phallus, since it will be bent a little backwards. First the person doing the entering will lie down and then the one receiving will sit down on top of them and let the other enter. Then they start to slowly lean back to eventually be lying on the bed with their head by the other’s feet. After that the bottom will grab the other’s hands or arms and pull them towards themselves to gain stimulation with the other helping move.

LGBTQ Positions:

While many positions on this list could be performed with partners of any gender, here are some suggestions that can be especially enjoyed within LGBTQ+ relationships.


Position 69 allows both you and your partner to enjoy themselves to the fullest, no matter what your genders. Basically, one partner lies down on their back while the other straddles over them while facing their intimate parts and having theirs face the other’s parts. From there you both give and receive oral pleasure. 69-ing allows for some variation, like switching who’s on top and bottom or lying down sideways.

Elevated Missionary (with strap-on for lesbian couples)

Similar to the missionary position, with a bit of elevation included. The receiver lifts their legs up to place their ankles on top of their partner’s shoulders. This allows deeper penetration and more stimulation, and allows for intimate eye contact.


You and your partner sit facing each other with both legs stretched out. Once you get comfy the sky’s the limit on what you can do. Try using your hands to stimulate the other, or give attention to non-genital areas, like nipples. You can even bring out some fun toys to penetrate each other with.