Sex toys are for everyone

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Sex toys are for everyone! With the sex-positivity movement gaining speed many people are curious and are looking into everything sex has to offer. A catalyst of the sex-positivity movement is the advent of social media which has been used as a platform to be outspoken over sexual topics and issues. A great result of this is the ever-growing popularity and normalization of sex toys, which can go far beyond the standard dildo and vibrator.

Due to a lack of health regulations amongst sex toy manufacturers, many toys on the market are unsafe. The main tip for anyone looking into sex toys is to ensure that the toy is made of body-safe materials. If the product or retailer does not explicitly say that the product is body-safe, it probably is not. Only buy from trusted retailers as many unsafe toys on the market are causing harm to people by using toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process. Novelty toys are also sold alongside the serious sex toys causing confusion and further injury. Be careful, do your research, and enjoy yourself with some of these amazing toys.

Safety and Anal -Training

Before discussing the joys of anal-play, safety must be addressed. Anal-play can be very dangerous when not practised safely and without proper precautions. Never use a toy that you do not feel comfortable trying. Patience and training are keywords in anal-play, and using an anal-training kit is a great way to test the waters.

These toys are typically only four to six inches in length and are designed for beginners to practise penetration. Lube is incredibly important in anal-play as the human body will not naturally lubricate the anal canal. To ensure cleanliness in anal-play, an anal douche/ enema is recommended or even a bowel movement beforehand may suffice. With that said, here are some amazing anal-toys to hit that g-spot.

Anal-Training Kit

Described above, the anal-training kits are for those ready to try anal-play or for those ready to move on to larger sizes. Anal-training is necessary for moving onto larger toys as jumping to larger sizes is very dangerous and may lead to serious complications. Training aside, these kits are great if you are looking for simple probes to try out anal-play.


These are designed for reaching and stimulating the prostate but also for getting those hard-to-reach yet very sensitive areas of the anal canal. Simple but effective, these toys come in many different materials and will differ in functionality. Probes will come in any size imaginable to fit anyone’s needs. A great place to begin experimenting with toys.

Prostate and Anal Massagers

These come in many forms but are typically designed as penis-shaped rubber massagers that reach and stimulate the prostate. A more advanced example of the prostate massager is the two-in-one prostate massager and cock-ring. These toys are inserted into the anal cavity while the ring is fixed onto the shaft of the penis. Once in place, the vibrator is switched on enabling an intense level of stimulation which will ensure stronger orgasms.

Butt Plugs

Designed to fit the needs of everyone regardless of orientation or gender, the butt plug is a staple in many bedrooms. Stimulating prostates on men and pushing against the backwall of the vagina for women, this plug can create pleasurable pressure in anyone.

Cock Rings

Although not an insertion toy like the previous ones listed, the cock ring is known for its ability to enhance the same sensations given from those toys. This one is for couples or for solo-use. The c-ring fits around the shaft of a penis and will restrict its blood flow. The result of the blood restriction is a harder, longer-lasting erection which can increase the intensity of the orgasm for both parties involved. These come in many sizes and shapes but silicone rings with vibration settings often shine above the others. One-sized cock rings often fit around the base of the testicles and are targeted toward the more experienced users.