Five reasons to visit an actual sex toy store

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It’s no secret that sex toys are known for spicing up the bedroom. When you’re looking to experiment and not sure where to look, many of us turn to online retailers. Although convenient, online shopping for these sort items can be end up being a huge mistake.

From misinformation about sizing to unknowingly purchasing dangerous items, there are a lot of risks to online shopping for those sorts of products. While there are plenty of reputable and safe options for sex toy/kink online shopping, visiting a local adults-only store can still have way more to offer.

1. Education. Finding a local store that specializes in sex toys and kinks is your best option, especially if you are just starting out. Stores like Spot of Delight at 426 Richmond St. offer a variety of informative classes and guidance. Having staff in store that can answer any questions you have is a huge bonus especially for first time shoppers. Stores also offer cleaning supplies and can show you how to properly clean your toys to prevent issues in the future.

2. Safe materials. Online retailers can often be selling knock-offs of well-known products that are made with toxic materials. Dangerous sex toys and lube are easily found online for a fraction of the price. For example, jelly toys are often toxic even if used with condoms. Toxic toys can lead to numerous health issues including potentially cancer. There are also a number of products on the market that are labeled as non-toxic but still may not be body safe. For more information, ask local employees at an adult store about the safety of materials before purchasing.

3. What you see is what you get. A common meme we have probably all seen is comparing online versus real life purchases. Although fun at times, it’s best to know 100 per cent what you are purchasing without any concerns about the product being accurate. This is especially true when it comes to items that will be used with your body or on a partner. When shopping in-store, you have the ability it look, touch, and ask specific questions about a product before purchasing.

4. Saves money. Although this may sound like a contradiction to what is often said about shopping in-store versus online, in the long run it does save money. In stores you can find reputable and popular brands products. Not only are these products often very safe but, they are also made with quality materials that will last you a long time when taken care of. Some local stores, like Spot of Delight, offer student discounts on these high quality products as well.

5. Non-judgmental and confidential. A concern that many shoppers have is being uncomfortable or being judged, however this not an issue for many reputable stores.