London Laughs Presents: The Rule of Three to "improv" the London comedy scene

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The show features three major branches of London’s comedy scene.

Three branches of hilarity are coming together for the first time in the history of London’s comedy scene.

Local stand-up comedians will join The Western Comedy Club and Shut the Front Door Improv on November 7 for London Laughs Presents: The Rule of Three.

The show is the first event of the London Laughs Comedy Festival, which runs Nov. 7 to 10.

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The show, which is being held at the Rec Room in Masonville Mall, will combine stand-up comedy and improv.

Pat Tiffin, a local stand-up comedian, is producing the event. He told Interrobang that “this festival has something for everybody”.

“This night I felt it would be good to book some of our more unique stand-up acts, to play into the challenge that the improvisors have to face having to adapt the stand-up acts into the scenes,” said Tiffin.

Tiffin explained that the stand-up comedians will do their sets, and the improv groups will follow, basing their scenes on the comedians’ sets.

Brandon Rudd, from Shut the Door Improv, collaborated with Tiffin to create the show.

“Stand-ups and Improv have been entertaining to their siloed audiences and we wanted to crack that open and let London know that comedy can come in many forms,” said Rudd. “We believe that our partnership can be the beacon for new comedians and improvisers to emerge and continue to strengthen our comedy scene in London.”

While this is the first time that all three branches of London comedy will come together for one show, Tiffin and Rudd said they would like to see more comedy events like this, and are hopeful for positive audience reception.

“I hope [the audience has] a good time,” said Tiffin. “I hope they discover all of the wonderful comedians that this city has to offer.”

Rudd has similar thoughts.

“The biggest takeaway for our audience would be that we have great comedy in the city,” said Rudd. “We are so proud to be from London, represent London and perform in London. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of our growing comedy scene.”

The show is hosted by Aaron Stephenson and will feature local stand-up comedians Kaitlin Shuvera, Lisse Rob, Christos, Max Reaume, Andy Pomeranski and Jodie Roach.

Jodie Roach has been doing stand-up for four years, starting at the Western Comedy Club, but after graduating this past year is now an independent comedian.

“I’m feeling excited, personally nervous because it’s a format I haven’t worked in before, but it’s exciting because it’s the most collaborative show we’ve seen in London between the major branches of comedy,” said Roach.

The Western Comedy Club is a club at Western University, with students as its current members.

Shut the Front Door Improv is a local not-for-profit organization that teaches and performs improvisational theatre. According to their website, a portion of Shut the Front Door’s proceeds go to charity organizations, such as Sebastian’s Superheroes, SARI Therapeutic Riding, Defeat Depression, and London Youth Theatre Education.

On the nights following The Rule of Three, comedy buffs can enjoy other comedy and improv events that are a part of the London Laughs festival at the Wolf Performance Hall and the London Music Hall. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.