Inferiority complex: A bigger problem than considered

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Opinion: If you ever feel that you are inferior compared to others, ask yourself - so what?

“If only I had a good body to show off in summer.”

We hear our unconscious mind pointing out our weaknesses every single day. An inferiority complex is something every human being suffers from, yet we live with it our whole lives. But if we overcome the hurdles that we face almost every single day of our lives, we would have enough strength to conquer all our dreams, and above that, we would be able to conquer every day of our lives.

To overcome this problem, we need to understand the concept of inferiority complex from a broader perspective. The world is under the pressure of an unseen/unannounced competition. This competition has somehow declared that people who are richer than us or more beautiful than us are in higher authority. But what humans fail to understand is that everyone is unique, and every individual has a quality better than many others. And at the same time, all individuals have weaknesses, which causes them to feel inferior from others.

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There are always two players in constructing these emotions, one who decides to point out others’ weaknesses in a negative manner, and the other, who feels humiliated by the announcement of his weakness as he hasn’t accepted himself for who he is. Once you accept yourself for who you are, you will be able to achieve things in life that you hadn’t even imagined yourself to be attaining in the first place. Also, on the other hand, if you understand that every human being has a special quality which makes them better than you in some aspects if not others, you’ll never knowingly or unknowingly degrade someone for their weaknesses.

Now that is out there, overcoming the inferiority complex is easier said than done. One of the easiest practices to be followed is by asking the question, “So what?” Every time you feel that you are not good enough in any situation, ask yourself this question, and this will help you accept yourself for who you are. Along with that, talk good about yourself and find your strengths.

Usually, the development of this negative feeling begins during childhood. Every reader should be able to recall some moments in life, which made a huge negative impact on their lives growing up. After a few of these events, you start to put yourself down, and some people continue to do so for their whole lives.

But this is the war that only you can end for yourself. It may have taken the majority of your life, but once you stop it, it is never going to return. And you’ll be a stronger human being than you ever were.

Thus, the feeling of being inferior to others is a problem everyone faces in their day to day lives but never really works on removing this hurdle towards a stronger version of themselves. Accepting yourself and seeing other human beings equal to you regardless of their profession, race, religion, colour is the way to avoid the feeling of inferiority complex is ourselves and people around us.

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