Equipment to get a good workout from home

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Working out is a wonderful stress reliever that also has great effects on your physical health. However, not everyone has time and or the money for a gym membership — and going to a gym may not be the best idea at the moment. You don’t need to have any equipment to have a good workout from home, however. If you are looking to enhance your workout by adding more of a challenge there are some items to help you achieve your goals.


Almost everyone is familiar with what a dumbbell is. These are free weights that come in a variety of pounds, colours, and size. These weights are versatile for working many different muscle groups. They are great for arms, back, legs and even some ab exercises. It is best to buy in a set of three to five so you can progressively add on the weight without spending a fortune on one set at a time.

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Resistance bands

A resistance band in its most basic definition is a large elastic band. Resistance bands are best used for strength training. These bands range from light resistance to heavy. These are commonly used for lower body workouts however, they can be used for all muscle groups depending on the exercise. Like dumbbells, it is best to buy these in a set of three or so.

Yoga Mat

As the name would suggest, yoga mats are often used for yoga and or pilates. The mats provide a non slipping material to prevent you from falling. Although commonly used for yoga, these mats can be useful in all aspects of exercise. These mats offer a softer surface to do floor exercises and stretches on.

Jump rope

Jump rope is a great way to quickly get your heart rate up. Jump ropes can even have weights built in to add a bit more difficulty. This piece of equipment is very inexpensive, you can probably get a decent one just from the dollar store. The only note to keep in mind is to check the size of a rope before purchasing. To check the size, step on the centre of the rope while both handles are in you hands. If the rope goes to your armpits or mid chest, it’s the right size.

Gliding Discs

Out of the others on this list, you’re most likely not familiar with this piece of equipment. Gliding discs, like the name, are small circular discs that easily slide on surfaces. Typically used for core exercises, the discs are compact and very portable. Gliding discs also offer variation to any workout routine. They are excellent for muscle building while tightening your core and improving cardio. They are good for any level of training with minimum impact on your joints and tendons.