Current Issue: Monday, April 5th, 2021

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Interrobang | Culture | January 22nd, 2021


Take the initiative this week and set up a space that motivates you to get things done. You will ride an emotional roller coaster this week. Be honest about the way you feel, and take heed of the response you receive. Working toward a common goal will require compromise. Spend more time doing and less time talking. Your actions will set the standard and ensure that you don’t owe anyone anything. Call on someone you’ve worked alongside in the past and you’ll receive information that will help you overcome a setback.


Make a change this week that will boost your confidence. Be innovative, and you’ll interest someone who can contribute to something you want to pursue. Emotional issues will surface if you get into heated discussions with someone. Try to see both sides of a situation, and be willing to compromise. Choose peace and love over discord. An inevitable change will leave you in a quandary. Fretting over something you cannot change won’t help, but a positive change will.


Pay attention to detail, ask questions and verify information. Expect someone to use emotional manipulation if you aren’t willing to bend or give in to demands. A call for help will pay off. Listen and discuss your plans, but don’t promise to contribute more time or money than you can afford. Emotional spending will lead to a stressful situation. Emotions will escalate between you and a friend or relative. Be aware of your options before you make a decision. Learn from mistakes.


A relationship you have with someone you’ve shared responsibilities with will flourish as long as you maintain equality concerning chores and expenses. Romance is in the stars. Rethink your next move. A change that doesn’t support your lifestyle will cause friction with someone counting on you. Discuss your plans before you make a decision. Money concerns will escalate. Make your position clear, and listen to the feedback offered. Expect someone to make a request. Offer something unique to someone you love.


Look over spending and budget issues. Once you know where you stand, it will be easy to rectify a problem. Do your best, and keep moving forward. You’ll get the push you need. Discuss your thoughts and feelings with someone close to you, and you’ll gain insightful information. A change that leaves you feeling uncertain will prompt you to make a move. Look before you leap. Don’t get into an argument when you don’t have all the facts. You’ll get a different perspective regarding a relationship after an emotional encounter reveals how someone feels about you.


Indulge in something that sparks your imagination. A romantic evening with someone you love will bring you closer together. Concentrate on what needs to be done to ease financial stress. Set up a budget and introduce cost-effective measures to combat increased living expenses. You’ll have more energy to make adjustments that will improve your life. Explore your options with someone you love, and you’ll come up with a plan that will suit both your needs. Someone will use underhanded measures. Verify everything you hear before making a move.


Make decisions that will lower your expenses. Look at your spending habits, and set a tight budget to help you save for something you want. Size up situations that are troubling you and make adjustments. Voice your opinion and share your feelings. A relationship needs more attention. Uncertainty will set in if you get into a dispute over money, ownership of possessions or purchases you want to make. Be reasonable, but don’t go into debt to appease someone who doesn’t share your values. Listen carefully and you’ll realize what will help improve a situation that’s festering.


Reconnecting with an old friend will remind you of something you used to enjoy doing. Make plans to get together when it's safe to do so to share some of those memorable moments. Stop and think about the information you receive from a friend or relative. Take the road less traveled, and follow the path that will bring you the most joy. It’s time to put your needs first. Love and romance are on the rise. Do your part and make changes that will lead to more significant opportunities and more time to spend with someone you love. Stop procrastinating and take action.


Be honest with yourself and those you love and you will avoid unpleasant situations. It’s up to you to bring about the changes that make you happy. A move to where or the way you live will be an improvement. Stay focused on what’s important to you, and let go of what no longer holds your interest. Emotional spending or trying to impress someone with extravagant behaviour will backfire. Give more of your time and attention and fewer gifts and unrealistic promises, and you will gain respect. Follow through with your thoughts and plans and see what happens.


Remembering the past will help guide you in a better direction. Make adjustments in your life that will lead to personal improvements and joy. Take responsibility for your happiness. You’ll face emotional issues this eek. Not everyone will be in sync with the decisions you make. Refuse to let anyone railroad you into something you don’t want to do. Say no to emotional blackmail. You’ll have a handle on what you want and how to make it happen. Romance is in the stars. Move things around at home and make room for something you want to incorporate into your life.


Spend more time going over essential details and less time letting what others do frustrate or make you angry. Stick to the truth, and take care of your responsibilities. You’ll get a good look at future possibilities if you are optimistic and rely on the experience you’ve gained to help you make wise decisions. Speak from the heart, and you’ll gain support. You’ll meet with opposition if you participate in a debate with someone who doesn’t share your beliefs or opinions. Be a good listener and go about your business. Spend time with someone who brings out the best in you.


Emotions, along with imagination and creativity, will skyrocket. Make your decisions based on reason and facts, and you will find a unique way to make the most of whatever comes your way. You’ll be offered options that can affect your personal life and relationships. Consider the pros and cons before you make a decision. Make sure the benefits outweigh the liabilities. Romance is on the rise. You’ll get the help you need to incorporate your ideas and plans into your daily routine. Be careful not to make promises that you cannot deliver — truth matters.
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