Positive Space celebrates Pride with free doughnuts

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: SAVANNAH BISAILLON
Students and staff line up at Oasis for free doughnuts from Chick Boss Cakes.

On June 15, Fanshawe’s Positive Space program hosted a free doughnut event as a part of the Fanshawe Student Union’s (FSU) pride festivities. Chick Boss Cakes visited Oasis to offer free doughnuts to Fanshawe students.

The Positive Space program is a program that celebrates sexual and gender diversity and is dedicated to keeping Fanshawe a diverse and inclusive environment.

The Positive Space program is a faculty-led program that conducts ally training throughout the year for faculty and staff. It also works with the student group Spectrum to ensure that a respectful environment is maintained.

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“Basically, we still have to, even today, it's still important to show that we do support pride here at the school,” said FSU Food and Beverage Manager, Dan Paterson. “There are still students struggling with issues here in the school and in the community as well. And it's great to have the support of Fanshawe Student Union to support those kids.”

Due to the pandemic, events on campus have been limited, but the Positive Space program still wanted to put something together and host an event on a very limited scale, compared to previous events that they have hosted. However, bigger events are in the works leading up the Pride Fest.

“For London Pride we are hoping to do a bigger event outside,” Paterson said.

The free doughnut event was thrown to bring awareness to the Positive Space program at Fanshawe College. This program works to empower staff and students with knowledge regarding LGBTQ and Two Spirit history, as well as to help Fanshawe’s allies in embracing diversity in all forms.

The event offered free doughnuts from Chick Boss Cakes, while supplies lasted. To celebrate Pride Month, the Positive Space program wanted to throw this event to bring awareness to the Positive Space Program.

They are hoping to be able to hold a bigger event to celebrate London Pride outside in July,  pending public health restrictions.