International Institute of Business Analytics to host free virtual events for students

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: ANGELA MCINNES
A series of free online events hosted by the IIBA begins Aug. 4.

Throughout the month of Aug., the local chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) will be hosting a series of events for free that focus on helping students build their network and learn about industry trends. There will be a number of keynote speakers that will be speaking about various topics, mostly relating to transferrable skills. The series of events will be hosted virtually and students can register for free here.

Starting Aug. 4, the mayor of St.Thomas, Joe Preston will be speaking on how an analyst mindset correlates with politics, business and comedy. Then, on the following Thursday, the IIBA’s global chapter council chair, Judy Alter will be speaking on soft skills and why they are important. Then, on Aug. 18, the executive director of the London Small Business Centre, Steve Pellarin will be speaking about common traits of BAs and entrepreneurs. On Sept. 1, the director of business development for the London Economic Development Corporation Larry MacKinnon will discuss an economic developer’s view on job-creating investment decision making. Looking ahead, London Mayor Ed Holder is also slated to host a keynote speaker event on getting back to business (and school) on Sept. 8.

Mahmud Dewan, from the Lawrence Kinlin School Of Business, said the event is geared towards inexperienced students as well as experienced professionals, with a focus on networking and building transferable skills.

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“70 percent of the population here in Canada….get their jobs through networking,” said DeWan. “70 percent. That's a huge number. And I think I think these events will help them build those professional networks….We are providing them those….transferable skills that they will get to know.”

These events are geared towards students but can benefit anyone in the public who works or wants to learn new skills, meaning the event is not just targeted at business students.

“These are geared towards all kinds of students,” said DeWan. “If you are in the market for a job, you need these skills, these are the skills that you have to leverage. This is not specific to one area.”

The events are completely free and people are able to attend as many of the events as they wish. The events are also designed to allow for some open discussion.

“Speakers will speak for approximately half the time and half the time will be dedicated for Q&A,” said DeWan. “So if you're an active listener, come prepared to participate and show yourself out.”