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Fanshawe team takes fifth in marketing competition

Mike Critelli | Interrobang | News | December 4th, 2006

Every year Fanshawe sends a team of highly skilled Business Marketing students to represent the college in the Ontario College Marketing Competition (OCMC). This year was no exception and Fanshawe sent 22 students to the annual competition, which was hosted by Algonquin College in Ottawa on November 16 and 17.

After months of training and successful fund-raising, Fanshawe was on their way to Ottawa. The students had to be creative in finding sources for revenue, some of which you may have encountered this fall. These fund-raising items included charity bracelets, Kapow Pops, a raffle with four major prizes, a sold-out marketing pub at the Out Back Shack, and other various events including the ‘pieing' of professors and shaving Mike Sloan's head and the team would like to thank everyone who supported them.

Now you know what this was all about - to get your Fanshawe Marketing students to Ottawa for the 2006 OCMC. Rumour has it that Fanshawe raised more money than any other college's OCMC team.

At the event, Fanshawe College finished fifth overall out of 15 colleges. This impressive standing was the result of the whole team's hard work and dedication. However, Fanshawe's high placement did receive some extra octane from our medaling teams.

Our Quiz Bowl team comprised of Adam St. Laurent, Delainie Marin, Megan Jones, Robyn Anderson, and their coach Liz Gray, won a gold and bronze medal. While the Sales Management team, comprised of Stephanie Haus, Dave Meech and coach Kevin Thompson, received a gold medal, after dazzling their judges with an exceptional performance.

Our International Marketing team, coached by Murray Morgan and comprised of Stacey Myers and Chris Salvatore, also took home a silver medal. With these stellar medal performances, Fanshawe was looking hot in Ottawa!

For everyone involved, the experience provided something that could not be learned in a textbook or classroom. This year's team represented Fanshawe with pride and honour, supporting each other throughout the process and supporting fellow colleagues at the event in Ottawa.

The team and coaches are a symbol of Fanshawe's greatness and they have four OCMC medals to prove it. The student body and faculty should be proud.

Special thanks go out to all the other participants and coaches to a memorable weekend and unforgettable experience. Next year Fanshawe will look forward to hosting the OCMC here in London. Stay posted for more information to come.
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