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Exec Corner: Cutting down on exam stress

Mike Critelli | VP Finance | News | December 4th, 2006

Every year around this time, students are struggling with a lot of stress. The main reason for this stress is caused by exams and school work. The other reason is caused by low-income levels.

This time of year, many students are struggling to pay bills, as well as purchase Christmas gifts. Usually by this point in the semester students have spent their summer savings and are in financial need.

This time of year is a struggle for numerous people, since many students are not working. As the Christmas break is quickly approaching, we are becoming extremely anxious about all of those presents we soon need to buy. This can be a stressful time of year and many of us need to realize this and try to manage our lives accordingly.

One obvious way to cut down on the stress is to reduce partying and focus on school-work. This will ease the mind and help reduce stress levels. At this point everyone is really looking forward to the break. These are the days when we should all be focused on school, so we can enjoy our breaks and not worry about receiving poor marks.

These next few weeks students will also be staying up late to work on assignments, possibly pulling all nighters, because they have procrastinated or left projects to the last minute. Sleep deprivation can also add to stress levels and make you vulnerable to catching colds.

I know these are things you are already aware of, but it is important for everyone to hear these facts from time to time to really reiterate the importance of reducing stress whenever possible. This will help prevent serious health complications in the future and a general outlook on life. Good luck with exams and have a safe and happy holiday! See you all in the New Year!
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