Happy new year, readers!

Welcome to the first issue of Interrobang of 2022.

Like many of you, I was heartbroken at the news that Fanshawe and Western would be continuing to operate remotely this winter term. I can’t say that I had particularly high hopes, given the growing rate of COVID-19 cases and the prevalence of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, but part of me imagined a winter term that involved seeing and engaging with more students, not less.

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With that said, our New Year’s issue highlights the dichotomy of longing for a fresh start, with so much remaining stagnant. A feature by Ana Lustosa highlights the ways in which all of us, despite our best efforts, really have no control over our lives; something – whether it be COVID-19 or thyroid cancer – always has the potential to derail our hopes and dreams. But Ana’s story, which I hope you will all find solace in, also shows how perseverance, positivity, and resilience are traits that can pull us through even the darkest of times. And when all else fails, a good cry never hurts.

But this issue is about more than just the things that slow us down; it’s also about looking forward. We’re looking forward to queer representation on screen in 2022, fashion trends to keep an eye out for this spring/summer, and predictions made by Fanshawe’s favourite psychic, Karen Bell.  

If there’s one thing 2021 taught us, it was to embrace the moments of joy and hope that came during brighter days – they have the power to carry us through the hard ones.


Hannah Theodore

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