Things to do on Valentine's Day: Singles edition

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Do not forget to treat yourself and remember that you do not need to have a date to have fun.

Valentine’s Day is known for its celebration of love and many people tend to focus on the romantic aspect of the holiday, often looking for things to do with their partners. But there are a lot of ways to celebrate with just you and your friends.

One of my favourite nights amongst friends are charcuterie board nights, where everyone brings a different themed charcuterie board. You can find ideas on Pinterest and each board can vary from the classic cheese and meat board to sweet treats. Pair those with a nice movie, and there’s a cute little date night amongst friends.

Another fun idea could be a game night, whether it’s in person or via Zoom. Everyone orders their favourite takeout or makes their favourite meal, playing games and sharing laughs.

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I love spending Valentine’s Day with friends, as we always make sure one another feels the love, especially on a day that is more specifically targeted to couples. Every year, my roommate and I make little Valentine’s Day bags up for our friends that usually include a cheesy card and some chocolate, just as a little reminder to show that we appreciate them.

Another fun way to spend our Valentine’s Day is having a potluck where everyone brings their favourite dish. Being single on Valentine’s Day has its perks, because it means you have more time to spend with your friends and you could treat it like an excuse to hang out.

Last year, my friends and I gathered over Zoom and watched a stupid movie with a few drinks and it was probably one of the best Valentine’s Days I’d had in a while. We shared some laughs and had a great time just laughing until the late hours of the night.

Another fun idea I’ve seen is a paint night or paint class, where everyone paints together while sipping on their favourite beverage. Plus, at the end of the night, everyone goes home with a painting. If you don’t want to attend a class, it is easy to just go to a dollar store, where everyone can buy the same supplies and decide on what they are painting together.

Of course, if you’d rather be alone on Valentine’s Day, you could always treat yourself to a nice dinner and a movie or a nice soak in the tub with a good book.

Most importantly, as Valentine’s Day approaches do not forget to treat yourself and remember that you do not need to have a date to have fun.