London gets a new runner's group, just for women

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: ANA LUSTOSA
Even though the current group consists of mostly Brazilians, Ramos clarified that every woman is welcome, regardless of nationality.

A few unexpected snowfalls recently could not discourage a group of women to run at Springbank Park. Four Brazilians decided to give the first step. It was the beginning of a new runner’s group.

Marcela Ramos is the founder. She is a former Brazilian national team athlete and has lived in London since Dec. 2021. According to her, one of the reasons she created this community was the difficulty for women to organize themselves to have a moment of leisure.

“Society suffocates this need for women, and they feel suffocated, they end up abandoning them,” said Ramos. “She loses this identity and dedicates herself more and more to her family, her partner, or her work, and this worries me because we have no escape valve. Running doesn’t need much, you just need your tennis shoes, your willpower, then just get up and run. But for that to happen you need organization and encouragement.”

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Through her professional Instagram profile, she invited everyone who lives in London to start running together as a group, even if the women have no running experience. Currently, there are a number of fellow Brazilians on the WhatsApp group who share tips about routine, training, and motivations. The meetings happen every Sunday morning.

“There is no contraindication, no profile, no biotype, no need to have the right weight, no discipline because we are gradually acquiring it, and the group is motivating. I think the most important thing is to take the first step,” Ramos suggested.

With different stories and backgrounds, many have joined with the desire to have a moment for themselves to practice sport within the group.

Flavia Dalva has been running for 16 years, and has been living in London since 2019. The move affected her routine, the change of country, studies, pandemic, and the absence of her husband, who is still in Brazil.

“I hope the group grows, that more and more people come together and encourage each other so that we can create a cool training routine. My goal is to train, train and train and never stop. Participating in competitions for me is a good consequence,” Dalva revealed.

Another member, Thais Moreira, ran a little at the gym. During the pandemic, she started to value these social gatherings more, especially those that involve the practice of sport.

“I expect to create a routine in which the activity carried out is always giving and receiving support from colleagues. I hope later this year to participate in the annual Terry Fox race,” Moreira shared.

Michelle Horacio has another personal goal: to lower her run time and participate in races in the city.

“I had a baby recently, and I stopped during this period of pregnancy, but I’m back. I have always enjoyed running, gym and swimming. I used to do it in Brazil.”

Even though the current group consists of mostly Brazilians, Ramos clarified that every woman is welcome, regardless of nationality.

“I want to infect London, paint London pink, that we have a t-shirt, that we have a slogan, participate in races, that we can gain volume, strength, that we are recognized as a body, as runners.”

For more information about the group, reach out on Instagram @personalmarcelaramosnocanada.