Everyone running for office in the upcoming municipal election

London, Ontario municipal election signs. CREDIT: HANNAH THEODORE
Get to know who is running for council in your ward, and who is running for mayor of the City of London.

London’s municipal election will be held Oct. 24, with advanced polling being held at Fanshawe College on Oct. 11. The election includes a vote for London’s mayor, London’s city council, and Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) trustees. All students with a London address are eligible to vote in the upcoming election, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of every candidate running for office, not including trustees.

Let’s start with the mayoral candidates. There are no incumbent candidates running, however, Josh Morgan is a current City Councillor and acting Deputy Mayor of the City of London.

Candidates running for mayor:

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  • Brandon Ellis
  • Daniel Jefferey
  • Dan Lenart
  • Norman Robert Miles
  • Josh Morgan
  • Carlos Murray
  • Johanne Nichols
  • Sean O’Connell
  • Khalil Ramal
  • Sandie Thomas
To learn more about each mayoral candidate, subscribe to the Interrobang YouTube channel, where we will be posting interviews with each of the 10 candidates running for mayor.

When it comes to City Council, London has 14 Wards with multiple candidates running in each individual ward. Fanshawe students will most likely be voting in either Ward 3 (the ward which includes the Fanshawe campus), or Ward 13 (the ward which includes most of London’s downtown). A helpful map on the City of London website will help determine which ward you should vote in, based on your London address.

Candidates running for council:

Ward 1

  • Ryan Cadden
  • Jannette Cameron
  • Ken Fischer
  • Oberon Goodden
  • Hadleigh McAlister
  • Julie Reynolds
  • Kenneth Edward Saunders
  • Michael Van Holst (Incumbent)
  • Shirley Wilton
Ward 2

  • Shawn Lewis (Incumbent)
  • Mike Yohnicki
Ward 3

  • Peter Cuddy
  • Prabh Gill
  • Ainsley Graham
  • Saifullah Qasimi
  • Bob Wright
Ward 4

  • Raymond Daamen
  • Jarad Fisher
  • Colleen Murphy
  • Sylvia Nagy
  • Matt Nicolaidis
  • Stephen Orser
  • Susan Stevenson
Ward 5

  • Connor Pierotti
  • Jerry Pribil
Ward 6

  • Mariam Hamou (Incumbent)
  • Sam Trosow
  • Becky Williamson
Ward 7

  • Tommy Caldwell
  • Sharon Deebrah
  • Corrine Rahman
  • Evam Wee
Ward 8

  • Sarvinder Singh Dohil
  • Steve Lehman (Incumbent)
  • Colleen McCauley
  • Patrick O’Connor
Ward 9

  • Anna Hopkins (Incumbent)
  • Mario Jozic
  • Baqar Khan
  • Jacob Novick
  • Veronica Warner
Ward 10

  • Claire Grant
  • John Kuypers
  • Kervin May
  • Michael Mullen
  • Paul Van Meerbergen (Incumbent)
Ward 11

  • Paul-Michael Anderson
  • Cole Fobert
  • Skylar Franker
  • Jeremy McCall
  • Christine Oliver
Ward 12

  • David Godwin
  • Alexander Main
  • Elizabeth Peloza (Incumbent)
Ward 13

  • David Ferreira
  • John Fyfe-Millar (Incumbent)
  • Alexandria Hames
  • David Millie
Ward 14

  • Steve Hillier (Incumbent)
  • Sarah Lehman
  • Danalynn Williams
The list of candidates for school board trustees is extensive and can be found in more detail on the City of London website.

Students are encouraged to use the advanced polls on campus on Oct. 11, which will be located in the Student Centre Building in the Alumni Lounge. You can use the advanced polls at Fanshawe no matter which ward you live in. Be sure to review each candidate running in your ward and visit our website for more information about how to vote.