Finding the house of your dreams


No matter how old you are, when you’re in college, you’re sure to start thinking about your living situation. After renting a year or two with multiple roommates, you might be looking at buying your own place. But right now, that might feel like an impossible dream.

The housing market changes with every season of the year and it is almost out of the question to find the best deal without monitoring the prices constantly. You can try to navigate it alone, or seek help from a real estate agent.

“We can pull up current listings and sales as well as days on the market,” said Michelle O’Brien, broker and a realtor in London. “We use software through our real estate board.”

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Working with a landlord will save you time and money and you’ll have a plan about when it’s best to invest.

A house is not a spontaneous decision, it is a meticulously planned process of gathering information, saving money, and then, choosing the best spot.

Choosing the right time to buy makes it easier and less stressful for everyone involved. London is growing every month, as more and more people from the Greater Toronto Area make the move to the quieter, more affordable London. London is a city to settle in and that’s why it’s attractive for busy people living in a permanent rush. This means that being aware of when to buy in London can help beat the rush.

“Usually the spring and fall are the busiest times of year to purchase,” O’Brien said.

Buying a house is a high priced project and everyone has an individual plan on when to realize it. The best and most crucial advice is to start saving early.

“If you can save anything at all it all helps. Pennies turn into dollars. Best advice is to watch and monitor your credit. Be sure to pay your cell phone bill on charge,” O’Brien added.

Not a lot of students realize how essential it is to start saving. Even the smallest sum conserved in your bank account can contribute to the future. Purchasing a house is a realistic dream if only you work towards it. The work is more facilitated if your family or partner can assist and provide some support. Luckily, tides are shifting at the moment, and prices are becoming more affordable.

“The market is shifting to a buyer’s market,” O’Brien said. “We have been in a sellers’ market since approximately 2015.”

It’s more beneficial to consult a real estate agent some time before you are ready to buy a house. It will aid you to find the best deal. It helps to compare the prices and find the suitable price range for the client. Without it, you can spend more than a year searching for the appropriate variant, and the prices can go up.