Sydney Kendellen: Fanshawe’s dominant basketball veteran

Sydney Kendellen playing basketball on the Fanshawe court with her teammates. CREDIT: JUSTIN KOEHLER
Sydney Kendellen, in her fourth season with the Fanshawe Falcons women's basketball team, continues to show her talent and value.

Basketball is always a great spectacle to watch, especially at Fanshawe. Both the men’s and the women’s teams have been playing high-caliber basketball as of late and much of that credit can go to the veteran presences on both sides.

“I’ve been coaching this game for a long time and that’s the biggest value that a coach can have, the experience,” said head coach of the women’s team, Bill Carriere. “They know our style of coaching, they learn so much in those years.”

A big part of the team’s success, according to Carriere, comes down to veteran guard, Sydney Kendellen. “If she comes back, we’ll be stronger. She’s a huge value for us,” he said.

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The London-born Kendellen is in her fourth year at Fanshawe College and with the team. Playing at the college level for that amount of time is a good first sign of the talent Kendellen has on the court.

Of course, she has developed as a player over the years of dedication, seeing consistent minutes and stellar stat lines game-to-game from her consistency and overall skill.

But Kendellen said there’s more to her game than just what she brings to the box score.

“I’m vocal. I’m loud on and off the court with the girls, always encouraging my teammates to try and be the best we can be as a team. My defense too, I always strive to play my best on defense and work the hardest on that end of the court.”

She added that as the oldest player on the team, setting a strong example for her teammates is something she always strives for. “All my years of playing basketball or any sports, I’ve just always been very vocal,” Kendellen said. “I feel like that’s been the best way for me to be a leader for any team I’m on, it’s what I strive for. Setting examples for the younger girls, especially when I’m the oldest one on the team.”

Kendellen has been making headlines since she stepped onto the scene, being featured on Fanshawe’s radio station, 106.9 The X, as far back as 2019.

“It’s the leadership qualities,” Carriere said. “She’s engaged, she’s showing the younger kids what you need to be competitive and setting a good example. She’s a quarterback for our team, plays good defense, she runs the offense, a huge value.”

Of course, with Kendellen in her fourth year at Fanshawe, she may be nearing the end of her college basketball career. With many different choices and decisions in the air for the star player, Kendellen said she hopes the strong bonds between teammates will remain after her departure.

“The way that we’ve interacted and made it such a family atmosphere, it’s felt like that since my first year. It makes it so much easier and comfortable to be around all the girls. I want to make it feel the same way for all the rookies.”

While Carriere and Kendellen’s teammates are hoping for a return for Kendellen, it’s hard to deny what Kendellen has already brought to the Fanshawe Falcons these past four years.