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There are many different views about having a LinkedIn account and whether or not it’s worth having another app on our phone to manage a profile for. I still remember the exact moment that I realized having a LinkedIn account was worth the time and commitment. This article features what I did to create a professional LinkedIn page and why you should create one too.

Finding internships, work studies and co-op opportunities has always been a priority of mine. I realized that many opportunities were highly competitive and having a professional social media presence could boost the likelihood of me getting an opportunity to be in the workforce.


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My first step in this process consisted of getting professional pictures taken for my profile picture. If employers are researching you through the use of LinkedIn, you don’t want them to see a picture of you in your leisure time as that wouldn’t be appropriate.


My second step was creating a cover photo on Canva that displayed what industry I am studying and planning to be in following my studies. Canva has many templates that are customizable for you to download your own designs and I found this as a great guide to creating my cover photo.


As I did my research to see what other professionals were doing to make a stellar LinkedIn page, I noticed that most people had an informative headline. Currently, my headline consists of my field of study, my industry passion, and my year of graduation. I’ve noticed that some people also include if they are seeking employment, so that employers are aware when they open your profile.


Once you’ve completed all of the LinkedIn setup features such as adding your education history, employment history, skills, and more, it’s time to really take your page to the next level. I found that making posts twice a week in relation to my field of study and industry passion created an interactive space and helped increase the number of followers and friends I had on the platform. I have connected with several professional individuals in my field of study through LinkedIn. This platform is phenomenal for networking!


Lastly, I made sure to watch some of the recommended videos on LinkedIn as I found it a helpful tool for success in using the platform.

Nevertheless, I actively keep learning more about how I can improve my page to increase employer engagement and it’s always fun to learn new ways to do so.

Career services consultant, Rebecca Summerfield confirmed that not only has she had students from Fanshawe having great success in finding job placements through LinkedIn, but she also acknowledged that she found a job placement for herself using LinkedIn.

“It helps students get connected with people that they’re looking to get interested in,” Summerfield said. “It’s a nice passive way to job search because there are professionals and recruiters going onto LinkedIn trying to find people with a certain background, and if they have a professional LinkedIn account it gives them a chance to be considered as well.”

Summerfield encouraged students to get a professional headshot taken as well as attending one of the career services LinkedIn workshops. She also reminded students to stay active on their LinkedIn page to be able to see and accept any new connections that might be pending.

“It is extremely important,” Summerfield said in terms of having a professional LinkedIn account.

Career services is located in D1063 at the Fanshawe College London campus. Walk-ins are acceptable for in-person appointments, but virtual services are also offered. They can be contacted using the email address

Summerfield also indicated that once you are a Fanshawe student you have access to this service for your lifetime.

It is extremely important to update your resume, LinkedIn account, and cover letter template to keep employers interested in what you have to offer. Not to mention, if you’re in a co-op program, this service could be extremely beneficial for you. If you are looking to kill the LinkedIn game, I strongly suggest using some of the tips that I have used in creating my professional account and seeking additional guidance from career services at Fanshawe.