"We Shall Overcome They Say"

What have we done to deserve such harmful treatment

We shall overcome they say

Weren’t we created the same way as everyone?

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We shall overcome they say

It takes two to create a baby

Giving birth is painful

Motherhood is a journey

Genetically makeup, blood is exhibited

We shall overcome they say

Taken from our homes into foreign lands

Working and toiling without pay

Train tracks, whiplash, and the master’s call

Hoping and praying it’s never me

We shall overcome they say

Brunt, Beaten, Bruised

Was the daily abuse

But as a people being away from our biological makeup

We formed bonds to stay strong and protect our people

Rosa, Marcus, Malcolm X

The X factor was created

Believed in the statement we shall overcome they say

They say we shall overcome; they say we will be a people

They say we will be a nation

They say the hate will stop.

They say is exactly what they did

We did overcome and now everyone says

Black lives Matter

and watching Black Panther on their screens!