Stephin Sathya is your new FSU president

Stephin Sathya on stage speaking into a microphone in The Out Back Shack. CREDIT: HANNAH THEODORE
Stephin Sathya will serve as the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) president for the 2023/24 school year.

The votes are in and the new Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) president is Stephin Sathya. The composites and advanced materials aerospace manufacturing student will bring the four pillars he campaigned on to his role as president, emphasizing inclusion, collaboration, mental health, and empowerment. Voting closed March 8 at 2 p.m.

In total, 2,888 ballots were cast in the election, with Sathya securing 734 votes in total, a comfortable 282 votes ahead of runner-up Tanya Daulat. A full breakdown of how students voted can be found here.

Sathya also has a post-graduate degree from Fanshawe in project management, as well as previous degrees from universities in India. He has previously served as a volunteer for the FSU’s Red Squad and has served as an FSU Event Ambassador. He has spent the last several months working as a photographer for the FSU.

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Sathya said he is passionate about creating a sense of belonging on campus for all students, something he said he’s been able to establish for himself since beginning his studies.

“From the moment I joined Fanshawe College, the number one thing I wanted was to feel like I belonged here, and all my endeavours with the college have stemmed from that one need,” Sathya said. “I’m grateful to have had amazing people who gave me opportunities to grow.”

One of Sathya’s goals is to create a sense of awareness for what the FSU does, while better connecting domestic and international students.

In response to his win, Sathya said he was honoured to be taking on the role of president.

“I am honoured and humbled beyond words that the students have chosen me as their president,” Sathya said. “I will do my absolute best to fulfil my duties and bring my plans into operation. Thank you, Falcons. Let’s look forward to a wonderful year ahead.”

Sathya, who was at South Campus during the announcement, went on Instagram Live to express his gratitude to all his friends and supporters.

“Everything paid off,” he said.

Students also elected a new Board of FSU Directors and Governor. For a full list of successful candidates please refer to page six.

Results of referendum

Also on the ballot, students voted “no” on a referendum to increase ancillary fees by $6/year. The increase would have gone towards a General Advocacy Fee, helping to further establish the non-profit student advocacy organization, Ontario Student Voices (OSV). Current FSU president Ismail Aravai helped create OSV and sits on its board.

“I’ve learned something from this,” Aravai said. “This will be taken to the next president and I’ll take what I’ve learned and do a better job next time and pass it on to the next team. Maybe it will happen next year.”