FUEL holds first award show for end of semester wrap-up

text that states: The FUEL Awards. Fuel, FSU, Fanshawe College and The Fuel Report logos are shown. CREDIT: FANSHAWE FUEL

Fanshawe Ultimate Esports League (FUEL) recently announced all the winners for the 2022-23 academic year. All the nominees were either a player or staff member who were involved in the FUEL community. Over the past month, every team and player that participated in a league were eligible to vote. All the winners were announced live on twitch but also posted on the FUEL Twitter. Around 48 votes were collected towards deciding each category for winners. Thirty-four awards were handed out but there were about three to four nominees for each category that was being recognized from the FUEL community.

Rookie of the year and player of the year awards were granted to student-athletes at FUEL from each team that were in a league for the following academic year. The Rookies were appointed to who was considered to be a top performer for the team. While player of the year was for the top performer for each game.

A graphic showing various Fuel award winnersCREDIT: Fanshawe FUEL

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UltimateCanadian joined Apex legends in the Winter 2023 semester.

“It’s incredible and surprising getting recognized for a first timer,” UltimateCanadian said.

Fein joined the Call of Duty (COD) academy team in Fall 2022 but made his way to the main team in Winter 2023 semester. “It’s been a pleasure working the way up the ladder,” Fein said.

The Esports Awards include four specified categories that are given to Fanshawe FUEL’s top-student athletes. The GG award is given to a player who showed outstanding sportsmanship, positivity and character. Best trash talker of the year goes to a player who is not afraid of speaking their opinion on and off the server. Esports team of the year is given to the most talented team FUEL has to offer. Last but not least, the best play of the year were clips submitted from an official FUEL broadcast that stood out from the 2022-23 academic year.

Production awards were handed out to Fanshawe FUEL staff who showed great dedication and a strong work ethic throughout the year. These students are skilled and passionate at their craft and have helped transform FUEL for the better. Producer of the year showcased outstanding skills in directing, graphic creation, replay operating, audio management and more for FUEL broadcasts. Observer of the year goes towards someone who has great knowledge and judgment when following gameplay.

A graphic showing various Fuel award winnersCREDIT: Fanshawe FUEL

Shoutcaster and Broadcaster of the year awards were granted to students who brought energy to broadcasts. Following action and adjusting to the fast gameplay at ease as well as quickly breaking down technical plays to an easy understanding level to the viewer. Content creator of the year showcased outstanding FUEL content whether it would be through Twitter posts, YouTube videos, TikTok content, etc.

A graphic showing various Fuel award winnersCREDIT: Fanshawe FUEL

Leadership awards are given to Fanshawe FUEL leaders that stood out in the community. The nominee is here to activate and grow the FUEL talent pool to compete with the best in Esports. Captain of the year is for someone who shows outstanding dedication to their team. The student-athlete is a true pillar when it comes to overcoming obstacles. Coach of the year is given to a leader who has strong knowledge and educational skills when activating student-athletes to perform at their highest level. Team manager of the year is someone who shows outstanding management skills, is on top of tasks and is always there to support the team with any needs at FUEL.

The semester ended with two teams still battling out in the playoffs. The Counter Strike: Global Offensive team won the open plus division in National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE). FUEL faced Purdue University in the finals and won two to one in the best out of three match-up. The Rainbow Six Siege (R6) team faced Arcadia Knights in the semi-finals for the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) challengers’ division. FUEL had a great first win in the best out of three match-up. Arcadia Knights bounced back quickly to tie the match bringing it to a game three. Unfortunately, FUEL was not able to come out victorious and Arcadia walked away winning two to one. Even though the FUEL R6 team lost in the semi-finals, they will be playing in the NECC Nationals that will be starting from June 11 to 17. FUEL will be facing NOVA Knighthawks in their first match.