FUEL Call of Duty players prepare for Fall Esports semester

FUEL and Extra Creddy Podcast logos CREDIT: ALEX ALLAN
There are 15 Canadian colleges playing in ExtraCreddy’s summer series, including Fanshawe.

The Canadian College Call of Duty (CoD) League (CCCL) has put together a summer showcase league for all Canadian college players to compete in. ExtraCreddy created this summer league before collegiate games start back up in the Fall semester for the 2023/24 academic year. There are 15 Canadian colleges playing in the summer series, including Fanshawe. Two players from the FUEL CoD 2022/23 academic year are in this league but also a couple other known FUEL members are playing in this summer series as well. The first player from the 2023/24 academic year is team captain Jacob “Bonk” Deneau from Fanshawe’s business marketing program. The Fuel CoD team made some big achievements in the semester but they still lacked in areas due to roster changes which led to a loss of team chemistry within matches.

“The Fall season is looking bright,” Deneau said. “My hopes for the team are to forget what happened in the spring and come back after the break with full confidence again.”

Deneau is playing on Team Bonk in the summer showcase league and was elected as the captain as well. He mentioned that joining the summer series was a good opportunity for him to play with other Canadian players from other schools in a competitive setting.

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“It’s a lot of fun to play against people that I teamed with on Fanshawe as well,” he said. Deneau is hoping that this summer series will help with his in-game leadership (IGL). The captain’s role can be quite tough and it means making decisions some of the teammates might not like or trying to keep the team focused in the game and being the main communicator in the matches as well.

“It’s a lot different being an IGL for people you don’t know compared to your teammates and this will be a good opportunity to see my differences from week one to playoffs,” Deneau said.

Deneau offered some insight about how the team might be looking in the Fall semester. He said that it is looking very similar to the Collegiate Call of Duty League (CCL) team from the 2022/23 spring semester but nothing is confirmed. “New students can always come try out but most like to wait for the new game cycle,” he said. Since this squad played together last semester, Deneau believes that they have potential to build off of that in the 2023/24 Fall semester. Deneau’s team in the summer league has zero wins and two losses. He is playing with no teammates from Fanshawe but is enjoying that he can play with new players in the tournament.

Another player from the FUEL 2023/24 spring semester that joined the CCCL summer showcase league is Mattaos “BosFrost” Bos. Bos, from Fanshawe’s construction engineering technology program, is playing on team GxeN in the summer league and has areas of improvements he’s hoping to achieve before the 2023/24 Fall semester begins.

“I’m learning more about how to play proper CoD but also to have fun and play with other people,” Bos said.

He believes that their 2023/24 Fall semester for FUEL in the CCL will be better than how they did in the recent spring semester.

“We are all improving and possibly have some good talent coming to Fanshawe,” he said.

Bos is trying to understand his role properly and the best way to play with his team for the upcoming Fall semester. He does have strong hope for his summer team though.

“I think we will do good,” he said. “I have no Fanshawe players on my team but it’s fun to battle against them for once.”

Other FUEL members joined the ExtraCreddy CCCL summer showcase league too. Games only recently started and more updates will come about the other Call of Duty FUEL players. The summer league will be played through all of July and August with most games being played in the evening on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday most weeks.