Upcoming fall semester try-outs for Fuel gamers

A graphic showing the Fuel logo and the text: Try-outs Update CREDIT: ALEX ALLAN
FUEL try-outs for the 2023/24 academic year are kicking off all throughout September.

Fanshawe Fuel Esports is already holding try-outs to join a Esports team for the fall semester. Make sure to join the Fuel Discord server to keep up to date with the latest announcements if you are looking to try and join a team for the 2023/24 academic year. Here are the latest updates with all Fuel teams and players that are coming back to try out for this season.

Rocket League

Try-outs will be held on Sept. 5, Sept. 7, Sept. 11, and Sept. 13 and all of them will be running from 7 to 9 p.m. Rocket League Captain Ralph “Leopard” Constantin who’s in his third year of computer programming and analysis at Fanshawe said that he is optimistic for the upcoming year for Fuel Rocket League. He said that many players from last year have been training during the off-season to keep improving on their skills.

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“We’re aiming for better teamwork in Rocket League. We’ll mix our new players with our experienced ones to make the team stronger,” Constantin said.

Many of the players from last year will be coming back to play for Fuel. Constantin mentioned Wiseyslides, OfficialPaper1, Nxzy, Mai and Wagon will be returning. Since try-outs haven’t started yet, Constantin is still unsure of the exact team compositions. They will have three teams for this fall semester and he believes that the Academy and Rising teams will be as strong as their Varsity team.

Constantin said the team will also be joined by two high-ranked and exceptionally talented players this year.

“They’ll make a significant impact to our teams and definitely ones to watch during the matches,” he said.


Fuel Manager Adam “Boyc3” Boyce, a second-year student in business marketing is hopeful to see three strong teams this year. Try-outs have already started for a few specific students, but Boyce said try-outs will continue until the second week of September. He said that the biggest improvement he wants to see is players willing to put time into practice. Last academic year, none of the three Fuel Valorant teams held any practices before league matches.

Boyce said that the Academy team is looking to be strong for the fall semester. He’s unsure how the Rising team will turn out and said it will depend on incoming students this year.

“I think both teams will be able to keep up with our Varsity team,” Boyce said.

There will be three teams for the fall semester. Boyce said that there have been a lot of newcomers to try-outs but he hasn’t been able to see all of them yet. For the Varsity team, the whole roster will see a reset around Akimbo who played on the team last year.

League of Legends

Overwatch Captain Albert “Light- NReset” Butros will be helping manage try-outs for League of Legends. Butros, who’s in his second year of medical office administration said that try-outs should be starting around the first few weeks of September.

Butros said that the League team is looking decent so far but is hoping they will get a few more students signing up to try out. The Varsity team unfortunately dissolved in the winter semester, but they are hoping to bounce back from that. Their Academy team had a few games together moving forward in the winter semester but came up short. Butros and Conrad are putting the Fuel team together for this fall semester.

“I’m unsure if I am going to stay as the Overwatch Captain or become the League of Legends Captain but I hope for another great team that is able to have fun but learn along the way like last time,” Butros said.

They are looking to have a Varsity and Academy team for this fall semester, but they are hoping for more sign-ups to come when tryouts start.

Conrad will be coming back this year as head coach. As far as this year goes, Butros is unsure if any players from last academic year will be coming back to play.


One try-out date for Overwatch will be held on Sept. 2. Butros said that they might have more try-outs in the first few weeks of September if they’re needed. The Varsity team chemistry started to come together later in their season last year. Burtos is hoping to see more sign-ups for Overwatch.

Player “Cashews” from the 2022/23 academic season will be a coach for the team this academic year.

“Cashews has enough knowledge about Overwatch and skill to take the coach position, but he also wanted to be a part of the team again in some way,” Butros said.

Other players we will see coming back this year will be Sorked, Jessica and Cheapus trying out.

Butros is looking for the team to play competitive games when he’s not playing with them. He also hopes to see players to reach out to him if they are looking for practice for this year.


Fuel Coordinator Assistant Rachael “angelgrime” Billion from the video game design program is excited to see the Apex teams this fall semester. Try-outs will be held in early September and Billion said to keep an eye on the Fuel Discord server for when the try-out forms will be posted. No teams or final decisions have been made for the Apex rosters since they want to wait and see all the talent Fanshawe students have to offer.

“We are looking forward to more organization this coming fall term with the help of last year’s Apex Fuel Captain RustyG regarding try-outs and decisions on teams,” Billion said.

Since private servers have had public access now from Apex, Billion can’t wait to see the teams they can put together for Fuel and the Collegiate Leagues they can join.

“There are a few returning players, but RustyG and I will be running fresh try-outs to give every player a fair chance,” she said.

Try-outs have started for Rainbow Six Siege (R6), Call of Duty (CoD) and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) as well. No information has been released yet for what the roster will look like for all three of these teams. CoD Captain Jake “Bonk” Denau has been working with Mattaos “Bostfrost” Bos for the first CoD try-out. There has been talk around a few students who are highly ranked might make an appearance for the Fuel CoD team this academic year. More updates are soon to come after tryouts get underway for Fuel.