Fuel starts fall season off strong

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Fuel kicks the 2023 fall season off with a great win and more games are soon to come in the next couple weeks.

Most try-outs for Fuel Esports games wrapped up around Sept.15. A few other try-outs might be held but most teams are getting ready to announce their rosters. The Call of Duty (CoD) team had their first league match on Sept. 13 with an outstanding first season win. More teams will be starting up with league matches in the upcoming weeks.

Here’s what we know so far:

Call of Duty (CoD)

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The Fuel CoD team faced Southeast Missouri State University in the National Association of Collegiate Esports open premiere division. This league has some stronger teams they will face up against. Mattaos “Bosfrost” Bos believes they will do well because of the squad they have.

“The game against Missouri was an amazing way to start the season with absolute domination knowing we haven’t played together much,” Bos said.

Bos said that with some scrimmages throughout this semester, they will become even stronger as a team. Games are played in a best three out of five match-up and Fuel walked away with a solid 3-0 win against Missouri.

The Fuel CoD Varsity line up is: Bonk, Bosfrost, KMC and Sus for the 2023 fall semester.

Rocket League (RL)

Try-outs for RL started in the first couple weeks of September. RL Captain Ralph “Leopard” Constantin said that things have been looking good so far. No rosters have been confirmed yet but they are moving to a closed try-out session to finalize selections. Constantin said that there are three really good players to keep an eye out for this upcoming season: newcomers, Nero who is supersonic legend and Chez, who is grand champion two in the RL rankings. They will also have a returning player from two years ago, Sistane who is in the grand champion three for rankings.

Rainbow Six Siege (R6)

Try-outs happened on Sept. 6 for R6. Captain and manager James “Purzaa” Perez said that there is potential for the Academy team to bring home a trophy this fall semester.

“We’re looking for a team that bonds and has great chemistry. No matter what skills each player has, there’s always time to build up a certain aspect of their gameplay,” Perez said.

Overall Perez said that the tryouts went well, and the new players are looking very promising to the team. Roster announcements will be coming soon potentially in an upcoming video from Fuel.


The roster for Overwatch has been finalized after try-outs were held over the first couple weeks of September. Albert “LightNReset” Butros has been coordinating the try-outs.

Here is the Varsity team line up: Sorked, The Door, Ethan, Art3mis and Jessica

“Art3mis is our new main support who has insane aim, she's masters in rankings and is definitely a player to keep an eye on while watching,” Butros said.


Try-outs are finished and teams have been finalized. Valorant manager and Fuel content creator Adam “Boyc3” Boyce is feeling confident about the teams this upcoming season.

“We have the Varsity and Academy rosters now in order and we will not have a rising roster this semester,” Boyce said. “Both teams have good potential and I think Academy has potential to reach equal ground with the main roster.”

Boyce wants to keep the roster announcements a secret until everything is confirmed. He did give an insider that they will have three entirely new players joining and multiple promotions happening.

More updates are soon to come when more teams start off their first league matches. League of Legends held try-outs on Sept. 8 but no teams have been confirmed yet. Apex also finished up with try-outs around Sept.11 after giving all the players a fair chance to join the roster.

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