Fuel Call of Duty team making a comeback for the winter semester

A graphic that features photos of the members of the Call of Duty team behind the Fuel logo. CREDIT: ALEX ALLAN
Bostfrost (left), Leopard (middle) and Slipri (right) bring up first-game match results and rotation of players to squads that could help lead to victory.

A few changes have been made to the Call of Duty (CoD) Varsity team for the winter semester. Mattaos “Bosfrost” Bos mentioned that try-outs went well but CoD Captain Jake “Bonk” Deneau wanted to change some things up with the roster. The starting four will be Bonk, Sus, Fein and Alshenanigan with Bos being the substitute player for that roster.

This roster may change after the first couple of matches get underway. The first match for Fuel CoD was played on Jan. 31 against George Mason University. Bos will be playing on the Academy team this season and said they have recruited two new players, Diti and Accrete.

“The Academy roster is looking good and should be able to hold their ground within matches,” Bos said. “I’m hoping both teams can do well this season and bounce back from the College Call of Duty (CCL) tournament which did not show what we are capable of,” he said.

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This season the Call of Duty squad will be competing in the new game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The new game was released back in Nov. 2023 and players are still learning to adjust their game style to the new maps and other game mechanics. The Fuel team had a successful run in the fall 2023 semester and is hoping to keep that success in the winter semester.

The Fuel Valorant squad has already been active this season. In their first match on Jan. 22, the team faced the University of Toledo in the Collegiate Valorant League (CVAL). Fuel won 2-0 in a bestout- of-three matchup but Nicholas “Slipri” Florczyk said that he feels they played strong but there is room for improvement.

In the second game on Jan. 27, Fuel lost 2-0 in the best-out-of-three match against the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC). The Fuel team kept it close in the first round but lost 13 to 11.

“Unfortunately, we choked on the attacking side in game one and heading into game two we were bummed out and couldn’t regather,” Florczyk said. “No one is mad about the losses as UIUC is the top-seeded team in the CVAL league,” he said.

More matches are soon to come through February in other categories of games. The Fuel Rocket League squad had their first few matches on Jan. 26 in back-to-back games. Fuel won the first match against the University of Kokomo and lost their second match against Eastern University.

Both of these games will decide what group they will be placed in for the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) League. Team manager Ralph “Leopard” Constantin mentioned that the Fuel team's placement is decided according to their performance.

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