Five healthy juices to make this summer

A photo of berry juice in a glass bottle. CREDIT: ZOE ALEXANRA KING
Kickstart your summer with these refreshing juice recipes.

Start thinking about the warm weather and how you can quench your thirst on a sunny day with a cold, healthy juice. I’m sharing with you a few recipes that are so refreshing, it would be a crime to gatekeep them. If you have a blender at home, let this summer be the one that you utilize it to the max. The below five juices are easy and healthy to make, and I know I will be making them all summer long.

Cucumber and Lemon Only four ingredients, and this juice provides instant refreshment after a long summer day. Throw cucumber, lemon, honey, and water into your blender for an easy mixture that’s so delicious you won’t ever forget. I’m convinced that this juice will leave you hooked, starting you on your juicing journey because of how simple and delicious it is.

Pineapple and Ginger This one is for the tropical lovers as it infuses the sweet flavors of fresh fruit including chunks of pineapple, coconut water, and fresh ginger. The beauty of juicing is that you can always substitute items to suit your taste buds. If you aren’t a huge coconut water fan, I recommend using pineapple juice or, for a creamy texture, almond milk.

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Watermelon Mint If you love the taste of mint, this is the juice for a sweltering hot day! Combine watermelon, mint, and lime juice into your blender for the perfect refreshment this summer. It seriously doesn’t get easier to be healthy, stay cool from the heat, and save on spending at juice stores when you make it at home! For a smoother consistency and the extra effort, straining this is a great option that I like to use.

The Green Juice It just wouldn’t be my article if I didn’t include the classic green juice. The one that everyone dreads because it “tastes like the earth.” I promise, when you get on the juice grind, you long for that flavour. My green juice includes a few ingredients to make it substantial and tasty for me. These include green apples, cucumber, celery stalk, ginger, lemon, honey, and romaine lettuce.

Everything Berry An easy, throw-together, refreshing juice is the everything berry. If you have a bag of mixed frozen fruit in your fridge, this is the recipe you need to make. Throw one cup of berries into your blender, spirulina, and enough water to allow it to blend smoothly. That’s it! You can add honey or agave for more sweetness. I love this recipe because if you start with a thicker consistency, you can multipurpose this into two meals: A smoothie bowl when it’s thick or a berry juice when there’s enough liquid to make it a drink.

Save this article for days that are so hot where all you can think about is a refreshing cold juice. Personally, I’m longing for the perfect summer day when I can enjoy the quench of my thirst from a homemade healthy juice. I love all the above juices and when I make them, it always reminds me of the summertime. Enjoy and I hope you give at least one of them a try!