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Motoring: The new CR-V makes for a boring drive

Nauman Farooq | Interrobang | Sports | March 19th, 2007

Honda is a car company that typically always impresses. All their cars are not only well made, but they are also great to drive.

The best example of that is the new Acura RD-X, a crossover SUV that drives like a sports car and is just brilliant in every single way.

However, that is why it pains me most to report to you that its little sister the Honda CR-V is an automotive equivalent of a toaster.

Let me explain. You see a toaster is an appliance. It is built to do a job, and regardless of how it looks and what buttons it might have, it is just an appliance. It evokes no passion.

The CR-V is the same. It is a passionless vehicle, made for those who don't want anything special from their vehicles. If all you want is a mode of transport that starts every time, carries your groceries and bring you home every evening, then this is fine.

But don't expect it to provide you with any thrills. This is as boring as vehicles can get.

Sure, I wasn't expecting much from its 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine that pumps out 166 hp. Mated to five-speed automatic transmission, it can drive either the front wheels or all its wheels. So it was never going to be fast, but at least it's decently efficient... I averaged about 11-liters/100 km, which is good for this type of vehicle.

What aren't good are its looks. The old CR-V was actually quite attractive. This new one looks like a blowfish with swollen lips. Really, I have seen more attractive vacuum cleaners.

Same goes for the interior, it is dull and very, very black. Again the old CR-V was better in this area. Sure the new one is all right for space and is comfortable enough for the daily run, but in terms of design, it is a dull box.

I am afraid I can't think of anything else to say about this CR-V, except, if you have about $27,700 (plus taxes and fees of course) to spend on a new vehicle and you come home with this, I'd say you lack imagination and will be the type of person I avoid.

Honda, please stop making dull vehicles like this and please make more like the Civic Si and the RD-X, now those are my kind of vehicles.
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