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What happens at Graduation?

What to wear: The graduation gown is knee-length, with a V-neck and long billowing pointed sleeves. It's made from scarlet polyester. You may wear what you like under it, but you may want to dress up so your photos show it's a special occasion.

Shoes: Wear comfortable shoes but not slip-ons. You'll walk up and down stairs, and slip-on shoes sometimes fall off.

F.A.T.SParking: Bring your guests and your tickets, and park for free in Lot 5 or 6. The graduation parking lots show on the map we send with your tickets and also on the graduation website at www.fanshawec.ca/graduation. Make sure you are at J Building an hour ahead of the ceremony.

Valuables: Take your guests to gym J1/2, and give them all your valuables, even your coat. The gym where you assemble is not locked and your valuables may be at risk.

Flowers and hats: You can order flowers ahead of time through www.convocationflowers.ca/index.php?id=FAN40, or purchase them at the ceremony, or order them from your own florist, but have your guests keep your flowers until the end of the ceremony. You'll have things to hold, so bring as little as possible. And no hats, please! You have a scarf put over your head during the ceremony and hats get in the way.

Meeting place: You won't see your guests until after the ceremony, so plan ahead where you'll meet. We recommend meeting your guests at the reception in Oasis.

Before the Ceremony:

1. Go to gym J3 to get your gown. You don't pay to use a gown at graduation. Sign in, get your gown, and line up by the pole for your program. An orator (likely your program coordinator) and a marshal will help you be in the right place. They'll give you an orator card with your name on it, to hold until needed at the ceremony. Make sure the orator knows how to pronounce your name!

2. The marshall and the orator help you get in line and they count everyone. This helps grad staff be sure there are enough chairs, and the procession is roughly the same size on both sides.

3. While you're waiting, watch the video showing on televisions around the room. The video shows what will happen during the graduation ceremony — the procession, crossing the stage, and some dos and don'ts. And when there are announcements, please listen.

4. While you're waiting for the procession to begin, you may go to the washroom, go for a smoke, go see your family, whatever. But! You must leave your gown behind. Take care of business well before the procession begins. Once the procession starts, it's very tough to find your place in line.

5. Between 9:50 and 9:55 a.m., for the morning, or between 1:50 and 1:55 p.m., for the afternoon, the procession to J1/2 begins.

The Procession:

You and the other graduates move in order to J1/2, and you are seated in the order your name is in the graduation program, that is, by academic area, then program name, then student name.

The Graduation Ceremony:

After the speeches, Jeanine Buss, the Registrar, invites the first group of grads to come forward, and the ushers and the Head Marshal guide them to the stairs. As the grads cross the stage, the ushers bring more grads forward.

When it's your turn, go up the stairs and hand your orator card to the Registrar. The orator reads your name, and then you walk across the stage to the other side. A platform party member puts a scarf around your neck and shakes your hand. A second platform party member gives you a diploma cover and shakes your hand. Your guests can take your picture while this is going on. Go down the stairs. You can stop for a moment to have your picture taken, if you like, and then the ushers will show you back to your seat.

After the Ceremony:

Once the ceremony is over, you leave the gym in order and go back up the hall toward J3. You can take your gown and scarf back then, and get your credential, or you can hold onto your gown for a half-hour or so and get pictures taken. After you return your gown, join your guests at the reception.

If you have questions, call the Graduation Office at 519.452.4123, or email graduation@fanshawec.ca, or check the website at www.fanshawec.ca/graduation.

We look forward to congratulating you at your graduation ceremony!

Important Dates

- Last date to apply for a Winter 2007 Student Assistance Bursary is March 30.

- Fee payments for the Summer 2007 term are due April 5.

- Classes end April 20.

- Exam Week is April 23-27.

- Marks are on WebAdvisor May 3.

- Last date to appeal fees, appeal a grade or other academic decision, or to submit an Application for Change of ‘F' Grade for Winter 2007 is June 4.

- Graduation is June 12-15.

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