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The local scene for buying the perfect pair of jeans

Annette Padyk | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 17th, 2007

Bootcut, flare, skinny or low-rise, finding the perfect pair of jeans is a tough task unless you know where to shop. So to help you out, I investigated the best places to buy jeans for both guys and girls.

Jeans, or some say denim, were invented years ago around the 1800's. Jeans were mainly worn as work wear. Miners, railroad workers and farmers wore denim overalls as their work uniforms. Jeans became more of a fashion craze when Hollywood filmmakers dressed their cowboy heroes in the wild wild west movies in denim and it took off from there. Jeans for women did not become a trend till the 1960's.

Jeans, in my opinion, should be the more expensive pieces in your wardrobe. There is nothing like a perfect fitting pair of jeans that make you feel good. One of my favourite looks for women is jeans paired with high heels (the bottom hem should skim the middle of your toes perfectly). I am totally aware, fellow Fanshawe women, we are here to get an education, not to parade around in high heels. But on days you're comfortable and feel like it, go for it!

For an investment, dark denim is your best investment because they look good on every shape. I also believe that boot cut style jeans are the most flattering for women. While shopping at your store of choice, never be bothered by the sales associate. Spend five minutes in the jeans if you have to and really test them out. Sit down, try on your shoes, and put your hands in all the pockets, whatever you need to do to ensure these are the right jeans to spend your money on.

When shopping, don't be afraid to try on every style and a range of sizes. Your size can change depending on the brand, style and material of the jean. Always, buy jeans with stretch in them, but check the label, you don't want the jeans to have too much stretch because they will bag in the knees and butt after a lot of usage. For ladies especially, muffin tops/ love handles (when your sides hang-over or push-up by your waist band) can be avoided 100 per cent. If you have a muffin top, it's because your jeans are too tight at the waist. Which leads me to stress the following jean buying fact. ALWAYS buy your size? Wearing a size too small can make you look five pounds heavier. If cutting the label out as soon as you get them home helps, go for it. You'll look too good to even care or remember the size.

Ladies: First off let's be honest, high-waisted jeans are almost as uncomfortable as low-rise, because the high waist can dig into your stomach when you sit down. Know what style best suits you and your comfort level.

Then there are the skinny jeans, which are still in style this year. Skinny jeans are the most convenient jean to wear with boots, but they are a personal choice. Also with skinny jeans beware if the jean is too tight around the knee, cause it will cut off circulation if you are sitting down for a long period of time (such as a two-hour class). GUESS I think is the best place to buy jeans. Some styles can be pricy, but I find they fit very well. GUESS also accommodates very petite figures. Jean Machine and American Eagle also have a wide range of styles and washes to choose from.

Guys: The best place I recommend to buy your jeans are at American Eagle. They have a wide range of style and washes. Also at American Eagle they accommodate muscular thighs with wider jean styles. GUESS and GAP also have a good selection of denim for guys. RW& Co jeans are best for guys with smaller frames. Jean Machine and Boat House have the trendier jean, like the make version of skinny jeans. Be sure when buying skinny jeans that they are stretchy enough at the bottom to cover the heel of your shoe or sit below your ankle bone. I also suggest sitting down in the skinny jeans before buying to see if it fits your comfort needs.

Warning: For BOTH guys and girls, when trying on the vintage-type jeans with the rips and holes, when pulling them on make sure your toes don't catch the holes for you may ruin the jean.
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