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New club makes big start at Fanshawe

Margaret Sheridan | Interrobang | News | September 24th, 2007

Joining the ranks of Fanshawe clubs this year is one that is based on helping others and networking, as the college gets a Rotaract Club on campus.

As an arm of Rotary International that is found predominantly on university and college campuses worldwide, the groups main goal is not just giving back to the community, but to teach the members some necessary social networking skills.

After being introduced to the Rotary Club last year through her son, Victoria Digby, a faculty member with the Fanshawe School of Business and Management, and the Rotaract Club coordinator, felt that the club would be of interest to a large number of the Fanshawe student population.

“We did some preliminary interest surveys, just asked a couple hundred students in business if they'd be interested,” said Digby. “ We had overwhelming response that yes they would. So we organized an open house which was held Tuesday (September 11), and we had prepared for 35 students, we had 63 show up, another 10 said they couldn't make it and another 10 have since been.

“So we have almost 90 students in this club, which we haven't even rolled out into the college community yet. So there's that much interest in really trying to make a difference.”

“In today's economy employers are looking for students who are giving back,” continued Kirk Patterson, the Co-operative Education Consultant with the School of Business and Management. “Whether that's through volunteer work in their own hometown, wherever they may be from or whether it's at school. It's one thing to get involved internally at functions and volunteering for sports clubs and teams, but to become part of a community within where the school is located is crucial.

“The community's going to see that the Fanshawe students care about more than just Fanshawe and more than just themselves.”

Students who are interested in joining can attend the first official meeting on Tuesday, September 25 at 4 p.m. in room B2002. A $5 membership fee applies.
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