Remember the rules of being a good neighbour

By now, most students will probably have heard about the events of Saturday, September 8 that occurred on Fleming Drive. While some might debate the sequence of events or the seriousness of what happened, my concern is for the welfare of everyone in the vicinity. The events that transpired are alarming and do not create a very favourable impression of students. I say this not knowing who was involved or if the individual(s) throwing bottles was a student or not. I can say this is a situation that no one could justify as a proper event to “kick off” a new academic year.

Going to college should obviously involve learning and experiences toward a productive life and career. However, events like this could easily and very quickly end a person's career via injury or criminal charges, which could affect the direction of your working career, travel across a border, etc.

I am also concerned about the “silent” majority of students who work diligently to get their academic grades higher to achieve their goals. Some of these students actually may be concerned for their safety as we know one individual was seriously hurt.

Please be aware that there are staff at the College that are more then willing to help in these circumstances... feel free to seek their assistance or pass this along to a friend who may need some help.

- Student Success Centre — Room F2010.
- Housing Mediation Officer at 519-452-4138 (Wednesdays) or 519-661-3787.
- Personal Counselling 519-452-4282.

Please remember...

NOISE BYLAW — The City of London has a 24/7 Noise Bylaw.

PARKING — The City has two bylaws that note you cannot park on the street between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. and you cannot park on the front lawn, over the boulevard or sidewalk of your premises.

GARBAGE — check under CITY SERVICES for schedule and rules about recycling.

FURNITURE — Upolstered indoor furniture cannot be used outside.

ALCOHOL — Realize the minute you step off your property with open alcohol... you can be charged.

LIABILITY — Please be aware that while having friends over is OK you AND ANY GUARANTOR on the lease that you have may be liable for any injuries or damages when someone consumes alcohol on your property.

Everyone hopes that students will have a successful year with a little fun thrown in. However, be aware of your surroundings and realize the potential danger of being at or hosting an event with individuals you do not know, as this is not a safe practice. Be kind to your neighbours as you may one day want some consideration when studying for an exam or some assistance in watching your place when you are away for holidays.